David Hood update….

Post from David’s website…..”We had our much anticipated appointment today with Dr. Riela, and it went well. First, David had to do an EEG this morning before our appointment. He cooperated, and it was fairly uneventful. They connected about 20 sensors to his head, and observed him for about an hour……” http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/babyhood


8/31 is the day

This was the day that I decided I would go ahead and play with anything I wanted at school. I was playing with the legos and built a hospital like the one being built by my house and the one mommy works in. I also decided to talk up a storm to Ms Jessica – she’s sweet. She felt so good b/c everyone had warned her that I would probably not talk to her. Did “everyone” ever think I may not have had anything to say OR that it may be them?????

Anyway, today was a good day. Watch out – from here on out, there is no stopping me. (BTW that’s me at the bottom left in the pale green t-shirt.)

PRK school


Not a good day…part 2

I forgot to mention that the day started with my Nanny telling mommy that there was a fire at their pet grooming place. Fortunately, no one was hurt, but still took its toll on the shop and employees. Hopefully, everything will be repaired and back to normal quickly. Keep you posted.


Not a good day

I stayed home from school yesterday b/c I told my daddy I didn’t feel well – ear and stomach ache. Today I tried the same thing again and since I was so active late in the day, the folks didn’t believe it this time. They took me to school, but I was feeling real crappy and it turned out I had a 102 degree temperature. The school called daddy and he came and got me. He took me to the Minute Clinic at CVS, but they wouldn’t see me b/c of my age and temperature. So, I had to go see my regular doctor – Dr. Sharrod. He rocks. He is nice and gentle. He explains everything he is doing so I know nothing will hurt. I did real good my daddy said b/c I opened up and said “aaahhhh” and let them feel my stomach and look in my ears and up my nose. Anyway, I have an ear infection and a soar throat. I got some meds to take so I hope they work fast. I was just glad to hear it wasn’t strep which is going around or worse, Scarlet Fever again.


It was just a good day

I heard this line from the Upland, CA high school soccer coach after he had just won his 300th game. All he had to say when he was told that he was one of the few that had achieved this – “it was just a good day.”

While I didn’t accomplish anything like this today, I did go to my new class today. We are all big kids in there compared to the past class I was in. Ms. Stephanie is my teacher and she seems pretty cool. She has some cool tats so she can’t be all that bad. In this class we get to spend more time learning, coloring, and reading at the table instead of running around aimlessly making a lot of noise. I like this better – it’s more civilized. Today we learned what colors are in the rainbow. I have most of them down, but I do tend to leave out orange so I have a little more work to to do on that one. I was also told I was a good boy and I believe them. I believe them because only the good kids that are quiet and behaved are called up to get their stuff first and I kept getting called first. I must have been real good b/c by the end of the day they would just tell me to come up before they even told everyone else to be quiet.

After school, daddy and I went to Celebration Park where they have a mini waterpark type thing. I have been there a couple of times before, but didn’t play in the water. This time, I figured I already moved up in class, got the potty training thing down, so why not just jump in and get my feet wet. Okay, it may have been more like dip my little toe in the water, but it’s a start. All in all, it was just a good day. Check out the videos.


Everybody’s workin’ for the weekend….

It’s no different for kids, you know. After a long week at school, I was ready to chill. I wanted to just sleep in, veg as much as possible, and of course spend time with the fam. That is exactly what I did.

We had a storm roll through Thursday night and it was lightening and thundering all night. I woke up a little scared so I went downstairs and slept with my daddy who fell asleep on the couch while he was trying to decompress from his workout – I guess it worked. Anyway, I managed to work myself right next to him and I was as comfortable as could be. I heard my daddy telling mommy, that he was a bit crowded and couldn’t really sleep that well, but his snoring could have fooled me.

My folks thought I would sleep in Saturday since I was up the night before, but that is what they get for thinking. There was way to much playing to do to sleep in. I was ready to run them ragged and I did. We played outside, inside, and everywhere else I could think of playing.  Sunday – the same thing. All in all, it was a good chill weekend with a lot of playing going on. Wish we had another day to enjoy together, but I have to make my brain bigger by going to school and mommy and daddy need to keep working so they can bring home the bacon. Have a great week all.


Back to school

Well, I am back at school after enjoying a whole week off with mommy, daddy, Grannie, and Nanny on various days. That’s the life. I thought I was going to be in my new room this week, but not until next week. There are several new teachers at the school so it may be pushed back again, but I’m ready. I keep peaking in the window to see what’s going on and it seems pretty fun. They seem to do a lot more projects at the table which I like. I just have to pick out my seat and make sure no one else gets it before me.

Tomorrow, daddy takes me to school. Wonder if I should be easy on him in the morning…..nah.


David Matthew Hood

Most of you probably don’t know who this is, but hopefully you will take the time to learn. A friend of a friend had a little boy named David on March 18, 2009 (5 months ago). Unfortunately, David was diagnosed with a heart condition that would require multiple surgeries – open heart, etc. He was very touch and go for quite a while early, but fought through it with all his little might and seemed to be doing better for a while. Then, his mommy and daddy got somel.mktgnzaBfWYjtbSk news that took their breath away again. They went in for what they thought would be a routine consultation with a different doctor (the one who had worked on the Egyptian conjoined twins some time ago). He was not as optimistic about David’s development as the first doctor which was totally unexpected.

I’m not telling you guys about this to make you sad, but rather appreciative of what we have even when we want more because there are a lot of people that would be thrilled to be in our shoes. I also wanted to draw some attention to the strength and faith of David’s mommy and daddy. They have other children to be strong for and also explain what is going on with their baby brother – not an enviable position. They have remained optimistic about their child’s future, steadfast and united in their faith, and endless in their love for their little boy. My daddy says that he has to hug me whenever he thinks about David because he could not imagine seeing me go through anything like this. He also says he admires the strength of David’s mommy and daddy because this isn’t anything you can plan for or even want to imagine, but daddy tells me something Grannie told him, “the Will of God does not take you where the Grace of God can not protect you.”

Check out the link below (and on the sidebar) to read more about David Matthew Hood’s story. Please say a little prayer for David and hug me next time you see me.


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