Park’s Story

P benchBorn in Dallas (the best city in the best state in the best country), I have packed in a lot of excitement into my life so far. Perhaps the most monumental and adventurous was my stay and my escape from state of Georgia to get back to my birthplace. I am Texan, hear me roar.

I may not always have a lot to say to you, but I will talk your ear off if I’m comfortable with you. That list of people is pretty short right now, but I’m willing to think about thinking about adding more to the circle.

Born:      August 11, 2006

Hair:       Light brown

Eyes:      Light brown

Likes:  Anything Super Mario-related, anything art, going to art museums, YouTube, plushes, Legos, super heroes, reading, doing math, walks to the park, playgrounds, airplanes, Espanol

Dislikes:  Meat (not all, but most), people in my grill, bullies, Georgia (yeah, it’s still on the list – I hold grudges)

I currently know how to:

  • Work an iPad like a pro
  • Math – addition, subtraction, some multiplication – division and linear equations trip me up though
  • Read – love it
  • Text mommy – getting my email set up
  • Look up Mario videos on YouTube to figure out how to beat Super Mario Bros
  • Search Google for images to copy, paste, and print
  • Some Spanish like numbers, months, days, etc., but I don’t like to say them out loud
  • Summersault – I know how to do it, not necessarily how to spell it
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