Open up and say Ahh!

Nope – I’m not talking about Poison’s second album, although that album did have Every Rose Has Its Thorn. I’m talking about my first visit to the dentist. I know I’m 5 years old and all and this is my first time to the dentist, but I can’t make appointments so blame my parents for this one. Oh well, it’s all good. All 20 of my teeth are still there and looking good – no cavities, plenty of space for my adult teeth to grow in, and pearly white. The dentist was pretty cool. He just poked around a little bit and showed me how the tools worked and then put some polish on my teeth to make them stronger. He said I couldn’t eat or drink for 30 minutes afterward and that was like putting me in the middle of the desert. I was soooo thirsty and then my tummy started growling. I thought that 30 minutes would never end. Anyway, it was a good day.

I'm not so sure about this

Ok, I have a bib to play with

"Why are you asking me questions Doc???"

Fifth time a charm??

So my cheeks have been rosy for the last few days no matter if I was running around and playing or if I was just waking up in the morning. Mommy and daddy kept asking if I felt sick, but I felt fine. No fever, headache or anything. But then I started to get a faint rash on my upper arms and legs so they took me to the doctor. Turns out I have Erythema infectiosum or Fifth disease. It is also called Slapped cheek syndrome because of the red cheeks.

Anyway, it is nothing major and isn’t permanent so I’m good. By the time the rash is evident, the disease has run its course and I’m no longer contagious and pose no threat unless you are pregnant or have sickle cell, then there is a slight chance I could infect you. This actually kept me form going to my cousin Lily’s birthday because some pregnant women were going to be there and I didn’t want to be responsible for anything that may harm them.

So the long of the short is that I’m going to survive, but that doesn’t mean I won’t try to get a little extra sympathy from this with my folks….cough, cough….sniffle, sniffle.

BTW here some historical info on Fifth Disease….

The name “fifth disease” derives from its historical classification as the fifth of the classical childhood skin rashes or exanthems. The other common skin rashes are:

  1. Measles
  2. Scarlet fever
  3. Rubella
  4. Duke’s disease
  5. Erythema infectiosum
  6. Roseola

It was first described by Robert Willan in 1799 as “Rubeola, sine catarrho”. It was better defined by Anton Tschamer in 1889 as a rubella variant (“Ortliche Rotheln”), identified as a distinct condition in 1896 by T. Escherich, and given the name “erythema infectiosum” in 1899.

TGIF my a$$

So I knew this Friday was going to be different from most of the others because one of my favorite teachers was leaving our school – Ms. Stephanie. She is going to be a hair stylist so I wish her all the luck in the world, but I sure am going to miss her. She always gave me what I deserved….special treatment. We would check all the rooms late in the day when all the other kids had to stay in another room. AND before she left she gave me a lot of presents that I totally dig. It is all art stuff and her and I always bonded over art. Anyway, it kind of bums me out, but who knows maybe she can do my hair when I decide not to wear a hat anymore.

Ms. Stephanie's gifts at work...

So that was one thing, but then I had to leave school early because daddy was taking me to the doctor for my 4-year-old check up. I was told the doctor just needed to see how I was growing, count my toes, check my weight, etc. Well, there was little more to it than I was led to believe. I get there and they prick my finger to take some blood which wasn’t a big deal, but my folks still neglected to mention that. Then the doctor checks me out and says I’m perfect – 40.5″ tall, 32.5 lbs, blood pressure 82/48 – it all checked out and he was done. I thought we were out of there and then daddy leans over and gives me a hug and tells me that before we leave I was going to get a “few” shots…..suddenly…..time stood still… body started floating…..articulate arguments against immunization shots were spewing out that Jenny McCarthy would be proud of…..then, I realized that only about half a second had past and all that came out of my mouth was a big gasp.

How many shots???

So two demons disguised as nurses come in and tell me they are going to give me 4 shots in my legs (2 on each leg and they would do them 2 at a time). They made me lay down on the table and I was not digging that because it was freaky so I started crying even though daddy was holding my hands. I started to feel them rub my legs and then….stabbing pain from hit me like no other I can remember so I let out a cry like I never had before. It sucked!! Then I hear the head demon say “next one” and I’m like WTH??? Wasn’t the first two good enough?? Did you miss?? Anyway, when they were done making me a human pin cushion, they left the room pretty quickly and daddy and I were out like a fat kid playing dodgeball.

Daddy said he knew that hurt – gee, what gave him that idea – so he said we could go get a toy. When we got to the toy store, I told him my legs hurt too much to walk so I needed to ride in the cart – I figure that was worth another two toys….and I was right.

I think my folks got off easy...

Anyway, I’m good now, but TGIF my a$$.


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