Snake Live

It just dawned on me, I never posted a picture from our Snake Live event at school. It is normally called Friday Live, but this time our extremely cool Principal was going to kiss a snake. Why? Because we met our pledge goal for our Boosterthon run and she promised if we did, she would kiss a snake in front of us. I have to give her props because there is no way I would kiss a snake because it might swallow me whole like a impala.

Check out the pics and my dancing in the video – you need to be patient because some kids and teachers get in the way of seeing me, but I’m worth waiting for.


Some of daddy’s favorite moments are at :16 and :24 so enjoy!

Time to step it up, dad!

Dad, I love you to death, but looks like you have some ground to make up when it comes to creativity and ability. I mean the decorative baggies are cute and all, but this guy is amazing. He must really love his kid – do you just not love me enough to learn how to do this??? 😦

(Watch through all the clips – worth it.)


A Star is Born

So I starred in this off-Broadway production of “The Littlest Christmas Tree” last week. Not sure if you heard of it, but it was a one-time performance that got rave reviews from everyone in attendance. It was so good that everyone in the audience hung around afterward to hug at least one person in the production.

I had more fun with this than it looks and more than I thought I would. I’m thinking about making this a once a year thing – you know, to give my fans what they want but not dilute my brand. 

Check back for upcoming shows and check out the pictures and videos below to hold you over. 

pre-game pic

pre-game pic

I couldn't help but wave at mommy, daddy, and grannie

I couldn’t help but wave at mommy, daddy, and grannie

that's one good looking elf

that’s one good looking elf

looks like I'm feeling the Holy Ghost

looks like I’m feeling the Holy Ghost


This by far is my favorite video.



Or maybe this is my favorite…



About 18 seconds in you see me calling my friend loco.



Someone is trying to steal the spotlight…some of us just naturally shine bright.



Hazy Shade of Winter

Take your pick between Simon & Garfunkel or the Bangles (preference of my parents since they are children of the 80s which is like 100 years ago or something), but here in TX we typically get more ice than snow in the winter. Last weekend, it was time for that hazy shade of winter to come whisking in and it shut the city down. I’m not complaining because I got to miss two days of school and go in late another day – woot woot! So what do you do when the city is frozen and you’re at home with favorite people in the world? You bug them without rest about going outside to play on ICE! Sooner or they give in and grab the closest piece of cardboard and kick it old school – check us out.

Now, let’s kick it up a notch – Jackass is a just a short hop from here…

Now break it down like James Brown…hey….

Gangnam Style – an ‘ode to Psy

Not saying Psy is my idol, but the man has some moves….


PaKo Productions presents….

This is what I mentioned the other day that has been keeping me busy – directing Angry Bird action films. I aspire to to be the G-rated Quentin Tarantino and I draw on inspiration from the likes of taat2d, angrybirds12birds and can only hope to get sponsored like superugly18 who is huge in the Plush Toy YouTube genre.



Hula Baby

Problem: It became clear to me that I was the only one in my class who didn’t know how to Hula Hoop – I wasn’t even sure if you spelled it hoola or hula for that matter. So I talked it over with my folks and we came to the conclusion that they were falling down on their duties as parents and never taught me how to hula or even bought me Hula Hoop. Of course, their defense was that we no longer live in the 50’s, but they should know the Hula Hoop is timeless.

Solution: Grannie heard I couldn’t hula and didn’t have a hoop so she rushed to the toy store and bought me one. We made it our mission to get my hula on and that’s just what we did….

Catch up

It’s been a while so sorry to disappoint – I have been busy learning and getting use to my new school. I have also been busy with another project I will tell you about in a few.

So about school, everything has been pretty cool. I love music, art, and PE the best. PE is actually a lot like Stretch-n-Grow that I refused to do for 3 years at my old school. I may have been wrong about that, but I will never admit it to anyone. I’m learning some of the same stuff I did at my old school, but I am getting even better at it so it’s all good. I do color in the lines a lot better now. Daddy does tell me that it’s okay to color out of the lines every now and then or when I get inspired then he started spouting off names like Picasso, Matisse, Pollock, and so on. He says it will make a lot more sense when I get older so I will just have to trust him on that one.

My teachers and classmates are pretty cool other than the two girls at my table who keep taking my crayons. They make me pretty mad when they do that. Mommy and daddy want to get involved, but they know I have to figure out how to handle this situation on my own so I develop those people/negotiation/coping skills. Other than that, they are actually pretty cool and every now and then, we walk to the office together to return stuff. I also walk to my class by myself now – mommy and daddy can’t walk past a certain point now so I have to do it on my own. It isn’t the best walk, but not so bad – haven’t got lost yet.

The other day was one of the best days at school because we had Spirit Day. It’s kind of like a pep rally from what my parents say, but without the sports teams. Below is a video from the rally.

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