This past week has been awesome! No school Monday or Tuesday because McKinney was a winter wonderland with snow and ice shutting down school – it pretty much shut down the metroplex because this is Texas y’all and we don’t do snow and ice well. Our city essentially shuts down for a couple of days once a year so that isn’t enough for us to remember how to function in this environment. Us kids don’t mind though because it means a snow day for us. Parents may have mixed feelings about snow days – especially after a few days of snow and ice tracked in all over the house. Now teachers I’m sure don’t like snow days because they don’t get to see our faces and hear all of our voices – simultaneously and constantly. Anyway, soon enough (or too soon) we will all be back to normal.

In addition to playing outside, I helped my daddy shovel snow and ice off the driveway and sidewalks – he didn’t even ask me to help – somehow he pulled some Jedi mind trick and made think it was fun. Now our perceptions of my performance varied a bit….

My view…

Dad’s view…

And somewhere between the two lies the truth…

Hazy Shade of Winter

Take your pick between Simon & Garfunkel or the Bangles (preference of my parents since they are children of the 80s which is like 100 years ago or something), but here in TX we typically get more ice than snow in the winter. Last weekend, it was time for that hazy shade of winter to come whisking in and it shut the city down. I’m not complaining because I got to miss two days of school and go in late another day – woot woot! So what do you do when the city is frozen and you’re at home with favorite people in the world? You bug them without rest about going outside to play on ICE! Sooner or they give in and grab the closest piece of cardboard and kick it old school – check us out.

Now, let’s kick it up a notch – Jackass is a just a short hop from here…

Now break it down like James Brown…hey….

Catching up….Jurassic Park 2

You may remember I went to the dramatic recreation of Jurassic Park at the Heard Natural Science Museum and Animal Sanctuary in McKinney last holiday season. Well, it’s that time again. The animatronic T-Rex is back. I guess because I’m so much older and wiser this year, I wasn’t scared of the dinosaurs like I was last year – at least not really scared. I mean they are pretty real looking and make growling noises and all so it’s natural to have a little fear – keeps you on your toes, right?

Anyway, they are around until the end of January and it really is a good way to enjoy the outdoors so check it out.

Running with the dinos

Catch a dino by his tail

This is how we do it in Texas

Squish your head

You spin me right round….

Daddy told me that this is what they do at baseball games….spin people around and then make them run and watch them fall. Sounds kind of silly to me, but it sure was funny….

And here are two things I love doing…swinging and throwing stuff down my slide.

America’s past time

Daddy said it was time for me to learn a new game. He said it was known as America’s past time – baseball. It didn’t take long for me to pick it up. Daddy told me that I already know how to run. I know how to swing – and I make contact with the ball or the stand almost all the time. He told me all I had to do was put them all together in a certain sequence. I think I did a pretty good job.

My daddy said we needed to get real bases as some point, but that we would play it hood style – with a truck, chair, and tree as bases. Uh dad, didn’t you go to private school and live in Lake Highlands? How hood is that????


So I woke up this morning and couldn’t wait to go outside and enjoy the beautiful day. So I threw my shoes on and went outside in my pajamas to play with my octopus.

My daddy and I would decide which color we would touch on the octopus and then race to the color. I usually don’t beat my daddy too often, but for some reason I was on this day. I beat him to the color every time. As a matter of fact, there were times when I could have sworn I was running so fast that daddy seemed like he was just walking. He wouldn’t even get close to winning. I was the only one getting soaked as I touched the color we chose.

And it’s all fun until someone gets squirted in the eye by an octopus.

My Whips

For those of you that don’t know, whips refer to my rides. You’ve seen my Lil Tikes car and my ATV…

You’ve seen my Big Wheel…

You’ve seen my Jeep…

Now witness my bicycle (w/ training wheels). Mommy and daddy bought me this because I was getting too big for my tricycle and I was being a good boy. I don’t have this down to a science yet, but I don’t really have to have it down with my folks around. I just get on and it moves. Anyway, my bike is pimped out with a semi-custom Spiderman paint job and graphics. My helmet that I am required to wear, but also enjoy wearing because it will protect my brain according to my mommy who works in a traumatic brain injury hospital unit. All I have to say is that when I get this thing down, there is no stopping me.

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