Ball, tracks, is enough, and me…

What do all these have in common? If you throw an 8 in front of them, you have a classic….I’m 8 yrs old now, baby!!!

My birthday week is about to come to an end – yes, I said week because that’s how I roll. I get the run of my proverbial castle which means, presents, pizza, and just about any kind of junk food you can think of.

On the day of my actual birthday, I grabbed a couple of my friends and we went bowling and played video games all day. I’m not into cake so I’ve started the tradition of getting Campisi’s pizza loaded with so much Canadian bacon it looks like a pig sleeping on pizza dough.

After that, mommy, daddy, and I went to a cabin in Beaver’s Bend, OK for some rest and relaxation. It was a blast and we had some great quality time playing games, fishing, hiking around the area and shooting my new BB gun my dad bought me – he shot it more than I did – something about working out unfulfilled childhood dreams he was deprived of – I guess the BB gun was cheaper than a shrink, but he may want to consider springing for some therapy.

Anyway, it was a great week and I plan on making each following week better than the last.



I’m a sharp shooter…..


….from 2 feet away so stay out of my sweet spot.


Barbados birthday baby

Well, in a matter of a week I got a tan and I turned 7 years old – all thanks to Barbados. I had a blast traveling in style and spending time with my family, but I am tired from the trip and glad to be home. Some highlights from the trip included: seeing a sunken ship and sea turtle while snorkeling during our pirate ship excursion, eating flying fish, boogie boarding, daddy getting stung by a jellyfish, and of course my birthday.

The whole trip was great and unlike last year, daddy didn’t end up in the hospital, but he did get stung on the same leg he broke last vacation. Of course his version of the story is one of man vs. wild like the jellyfish was some sort of Portuguese Man of War. While it does resemble some of the pics of the Man of Wars, it was like the size of strawberry. So even if it was a Man of War, it wasn’t the size of a football or big enough to warrant him getting a tattoo of where it stung him to commemorate his triumph over the wild.

Anyway, first class trip all the way.


a beach tradition



photo (34)

beach chillin’


pretty momma


hot momma



daddy loves me





momma w/ crazy uncle David


view from the room


sunken ship


Crush from Finding Nemo

photo 21

View from our roof

photo (35)

first class is how I do

photo 11

photo 5

Crane Beach

photo 4

jellyfish along of the beach

photo 3


happy birthday to me

Where’s Sally Struthers?

Sally may be the only one capable of delivering the following impassioned plea like it should be delivered….for as little as $10 you could make a little boy smile on his birthday. For as little as $50, you could buy a days worth of hugs and loyalty from that same little boy. Why you may ask. Because without your generous gift, that sweet little boy will have to continue to make his own toys out of paper – long laborious hours of coloring and cutting Mario-themed characters, risking losing them when his parents clean the house. Yes, creating his own toys out of paper expands his creativity, but as you can see below, it may actually only lead to being really good at writing ransom notes.

Just click here to make that little boy’s day.

Note: That little boy is ME! I’m turning 7 soon!


This day in history….

1783 – George Washington returned home to Mount Vernon, after the disbanding of his army following the Revolutionary War.

1788 – Maryland voted to cede a 100-square-mile area for the seat of the national government. About two-thirds of the area became the District of Columbia.

1823 – The poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas” (“‘Twas the night before Christmas”), written by either Clement C. Moore or Maj. Henry Livingston, Jr., was published in the Troy Sentinel of New York.

1888 – Van Gogh chopped his ear off

1972 – The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Oakland Raiders 13-7 in an NFL playoff game on a last-second play that was dubbed the “Immaculate Reception.” Pittsburgh’s Franco Harris caught a deflected pass and ran it in for the winning touchdown.

And sometime “long” after any of these events (let’s just say gas was $0.36/gal and bread was $0.25/loaf), my mommy was born. I love her soooo much. Thank you for all you do. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Happy Birthday Cousin Tyler

My cousin Tyler turns 3 years old today. He invited me to his birthday party yesterday. He got a lot of cool toys that he will love and his folks will love to pick up after him. Happy birthday cuz!

What’s the difference?

Take a look at the photos below and let me know if you see anything different.

Besides me trying to look silly while taking the picture, the one I’m looking “super” in is the first day of me being 5 YEARS OLD!!! The other one is so 4 years old.


5 years ago I changed my mommy and daddy’s life forever – and everyone I come in contact for that matter. They never knew how much their lives would change for the much better. Everyday is something new for us all and together we move forward. I’m going to make 5 years old the best year ever!

Shake and Bake

That’s Shake and Bake Ricky Bobby style.

I went to a birthday party at Ellen’s Amusement Park for this little 5 year old chica I know, Kyndall. I had a blast, but probably most fun racing go-karts….er, I mean race cars with daddy. He kept saying “Shake and bake, baby” and “If you ain’t first, you’re last.” Thank you Ricky Bobby – you have had such an impact on my daddy.

Shake and Bake

I also had fun playing one of the video games there. I had t smash all the spiders as they lit up. I never played that game before so it was great playing it over and over. I won so many tickets I was able to get a prize – a spider. Is that irony, coincidence, or poetic? Don’t ask me, I’m only 4.

The itsy bitsy spider...SPLAT!

OOPS, I did it again…

I forgot someone’s birthday and it is someone daddy feels is a great friend and wonderful mommy to her daughter. This someone also painted one of my paintings in my room and is going to paint some more super hero paintings for me – PAM!

Daddy didn’t remind me to post HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you on my blog, but we remembered it was your birthday on 4/29/unknown…..unknown or not mentioned anyway.

BTW she also starred in the critically and commercially acclaimed coming of age movie Teen Vamp.


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