Dallas World Aquarium

So after the Waffle House, my daddy and I cruised on down to theIMGP1320 Dallas World Aquarium. I’ve been down there before, but my daddy hasn’t so I thought it would be some good quality time. It was as cool as it was when Grannie and Patricia took me except this time, I got to tell my daddy all about the fish and animals there. Not only do they have fish there, but they have spiders, snakes, birds, and monkeys. Daddy says one of the monkeys was named Parker, but I told him it was named daddy.

Off to Chuck E Cheese in a little bit b/c I rule the day.

Birthday boy’s day…

Okay, so my day started out with a great meal from the world famous Waffle House. My dad says there is no other treat to the palate like it on the planet. He said not to worry about the 2 inches of grease on the grill because that is where the taste comes from. And I think I see my first chest hair – daddy said it would put hair on my chest.

And Willie is a culinary god. He’s the guy behind the counter. He was cooking like five plates at a time and yelling out “pick up” when he was done. Then, he came over to make sure everything was cooked okay and of course it was perfect. I may have met my role model. Do I have what it takes to be a Waffle House chef??? Stay tuned for the rest of my life to see.

Oh and everyone kept hitting me up on the cell wishing me a happy birthday. That’s the Blackberry Pearl – that’s how I roll.

IMG00065 IMG00070 IMGP1299 IMGP1301

You say it’s your birthday….

….it’s my birthday, too….happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me…..go ahead shorty, it’s my birthday, we gonna party like it’s  my birthday….

That’s right, I am 3 years old today! I have already learned about a birthday week b/c I did not go to school yesterday and I’m not going today and I won’t be going for the rest of the week. Birthdays rock. I am also throwing a party Saturday at my folks house around 5p so feel free to drop by. Just let one of us know by sending an email to one of the below emails. Not sure all I am doing today, but I will post later to let you know.

Happy birthday also to Jason Eskew. He was born on the same day as me many years before.

prkolias@gmail.com   or     snkolias@yahoo.com    or   cjkol8@gmail.com

Birthday boy out!

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