Fly away…

Sorry it has been a while since my last post. Kind of crazy around here lately – I’ll get into that at a later date. But my mommy, daddy, grannie, and I had a great day Saturday. We grabbed some breakfast out. It wasn’t the Waffle House, as we all know I love to eat there with my daddy, but it was pretty good. Mommy says she doesn’t like the Waffle House like daddy and I do, but daddy says that’s because she is a girl and Waffle House is a guy thing. Anyway, after eating we went to the Cavanaugh Flight Museum at the Addison airport. I’ve been there before, but there is nothing cooler than being able to see old time planes up close. This time we even got to walk through a real B-24 plane. This is one of only two operational B-24s in the US and available for actual flights around the metroplex. Anyway that was pretty cool. Sure a lot different than the planes I’ve been on in the past. There were no frills whatsoever. Makes you appreciate what our servicemen and women have done for our country even that much more.

Below is a pic of me in the cockpit of the B-24. I was ready to takeoff and fly away.


P at cavanaugh flt museum 92609 036

I always feel like somebody’s watching me…

Is it any wonder the camera is focused on me? Actually, my Grannie is trying to sweet talk the teacher into moving the camera so I am on it all the time. Evidently, the camera can’t see me when I sit in my chair at the table. It hasn’t worked so far – Grannie may need bigger bribes.

BTW my teacher, Ms. Stephanie, told my daddy I was out of my shell now. She told him that when he picked me up today. I talk to everyone, but not real wild about others playing with my favorite teacher, especially in the morning. Actually, it takes me about an hour at school before I really warm up to anyone in the morning. Funny story, this morning after I punched in the code to get in the door my old teacher was there and tried to say hi to me. My response??? I growled like a baby bear a growling (said in my best Sissy Spacek in Coal Miner’s Daughter accent). She use to be my teacher – she knows better.


School camera

UFC 103

My daddy went to the Ultimate Fighting Championship 103 yesterday. He said that it was an experience to see 17,000+ people there to watch a couple of guys beat the poop out of each other. But he said it was cool. Daddy is into that. He has me working on my ground game pretty often by wrestling around with me. He also tries to teach his best move – the Americana. He said he learned it from his day of jiu-jitsu training with his buddy Troy. Evidently, they tour the metroplex taking free jiu-jitsu classes – not sure that they will ever get a belt that way, but I guess they learn enough to laugh at each other.

Anyway, daddy said he would take me to a UFC when I am older if I was interested in going. He says it is too violent for me right now. So I guess we will stick to having our own UFC matches at home. I am currently 2-19-1 (W-L-T) against daddy, but he only has about another 10 years before I start dominating.

This is a video of a guy from UFC 103 my daddy told me to not be like.


Doctor, Doctor – give me the news

Today, instead of going to school, I went to the doctor. Don’t worry, I’m not sick. I had my 3-yr check up. I think my mommy was a little nervous that I would have to get a shot. I wasn’t worried. I’m a big boy and I can handle it anyway. The good news for mommy was that there was no shot. I did get a little shot in my finger to get a small amount of blood, but it didn’t hurt at all. The nurse gave me a band-aid. She was a good nurse, but not as good as a nurse as my mommy. I also got a flu “shot”, but it was in the form of a nasal spray so my mommy was relieved. That should keep me healthy this flu season. I probably need to get the H1N1 (Swine) flu shot, too.

Other than that, the doctor said I was “perfect!” I must get that from my daddy b/c grannie always says that he was perfect, too. I weigh 28.5 lbs and am 37.75″ tall. That should put me at about 6’3″ when I am all grown. He did say that I need to start going to the dentist. Not because I have anything wrong, but just to get the regular check-ups in. Not sure how I feel about that one yet. Maybe I can let you know after the first visit.

My mommy said I did great at the doctor and that was good enough for me.

After the doctor visit, I went to visit my nanny. She isn’t feeling great right now, but she was happy to see me. We played, laughed, and did whatever I wanted. After I left there, I was exhausted. I fell asleep in the car. My mommy said she was hoping to I would take a nap at home because she was tired and cranky, but I had enough sleep in the car so I decided to stay awake and keep mommy company.


Are you ready for some football?!

Sunday – 9/13/09 – Daddy said this is one of the greatest days in a guy’s life. He told me a day like this happens every year so I will experience this joy every year. When I asked what was so special, he said that it was time for some football – the NFL season begins. He said that the only responsibility a guy has on this day is to sit on the couch and switch back and forth through all the games on TV. So that’s what we did. The best part of course was when the Dallas Cowboys beat the Tampa Bay Bucs. We rule – Superbowl, baby! The best thing is that daddy said we get to do this every Sunday and sometimes Monday from now until January. Sorry, mommy, but Sundays are for guys. I love being a guy!!


Happy Birthday Bubba

Just wanted to say happy birthday to one of my favorite cousins – Bubba. For those of you who don’t know him, he looks like a Bubba and talks like a Bubba. That’s what makes him so cool.

Can you dig it?

Here I am on my latest dig. I found a few bones and had a good time. That is official “digging” attire I have on. I know I look good, but I started thinking I need a cool name for my expeditions. I am thinking of going with a state like Indiana Jones, but I need some help. I have ties to 2 states – the great state of TEXAS and Georgia. I would prefer to have a tie into TEXAS than Georgia, but not sure what would work with any of my names like Minnesota – Minnesota Fats and California – California Kid (Uriah Faber among others).

I’m going to start thinking of a good one. If you have any ideas, let me know.


9/9/09 Birthday

Happy birthday to debbieG in LA. I hope all is well and that I get to see you real soon. Take care.


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