Well, I missed #TBT so let’s go with Flashback Friday (#FBF).

I came across this video of me from my first Christmas in Georgia and a few things come to mind.

  1. This is why I don’t let my folks dress me without my input and/or protest. They think I’m having fun, but I was flailing around trying to say, “get me out of this ridiculous outfit because one day it will come back to haunt me!” – prophetic, no?!
  2. Did we not have chairs? I mean why was I on the floor the whole time. They thought I didn’t know any better, but I knew. That isn’t a look of holiday cheer – it was a look of befuddlement because I was wondering why no one was getting me off the floor. Too bad I didn’t have a Life Alert.
  3. I hope my folks enjoyed the fact all they had to get me for Christmas was tissue paper because TIMES HAVE CHANGED, BABY! I’m all about the tech now – gaming PC, iPhone 6+, video games, etc. – time to pay up folks!


For #TBT today we are going all the way back to 8/26/13 – the first day of 1st grade. Why? because today is the last day of 1st grade, baby! Now, there’s a 2nd grader up in here!! Woot, woot!!


This is a throwback for sure because you would be hard-pressed to find me playing with bugs these days, no matter how cute you try to make their names sound. Daddy blames it on mommy making me this way, but it isn’t like he’s petting crickets or anything. And daddy, since when do you need a whole roll of paper towels or toilet paper to pick up a little spider??? Yeah, mommy is to blame.


Did I ever tell you about the time daddy wanted to meet Barney so bad? You know – the big purple dinosaur that likes to sings and hug people? Evidently, daddy used to watch the show all the time when I was younger and would always sing his “I love you” song and make me and mommy act out the parts of the song. Supposedly, I enjoyed doing this, but I’m not admitting nothin’ (double negative used for effect).



Oh how I love me some toys and this shows I will even jump into a makeshift playpen near a fire pit to be with my toys. BTW this ottoman used to be able to fit a good amount of my toys. Now? All it’s just something I put my feet on.


11 to 12 months 085


So here is another example of what great parents I have – nothing but beer and margarita mix within my little reach with a monstrous watermelon waiting to come crashing down on my head. It’s a wonder I survived this long. #greatparenting #sarcasm



11 to 12 months 229


Boy, did I love to swing when I was a little boy – the tickle in my tummy always made me giggle which then made my folks giggle – soon we were all giggling. Truth be told, I still enjoy swinging and I even pretend I can’t get going high enough to con my mommy and daddy into pushing me – shhh, don’t tell them though. And don’t tell mommy, but I like it when daddy pushes because he makes me go super high – his risking my safety is probably a flaw in his parenting skills, but it tickles my tummy so we’re all good.

11 to 12 months 002




Oh what? You were born knowing how to put your shorts on? I’m better at this now btw.

11 to 12 months 103

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