Fifth time a charm??

So my cheeks have been rosy for the last few days no matter if I was running around and playing or if I was just waking up in the morning. Mommy and daddy kept asking if I felt sick, but I felt fine. No fever, headache or anything. But then I started to get a faint rash on my upper arms and legs so they took me to the doctor. Turns out I have Erythema infectiosum or Fifth disease. It is also called Slapped cheek syndrome because of the red cheeks.

Anyway, it is nothing major and isn’t permanent so I’m good. By the time the rash is evident, the disease has run its course and I’m no longer contagious and pose no threat unless you are pregnant or have sickle cell, then there is a slight chance I could infect you. This actually kept me form going to my cousin Lily’s birthday because some pregnant women were going to be there and I didn’t want to be responsible for anything that may harm them.

So the long of the short is that I’m going to survive, but that doesn’t mean I won’t try to get a little extra sympathy from this with my folks….cough, cough….sniffle, sniffle.

BTW here some historical info on Fifth Disease….

The name “fifth disease” derives from its historical classification as the fifth of the classical childhood skin rashes or exanthems. The other common skin rashes are:

  1. Measles
  2. Scarlet fever
  3. Rubella
  4. Duke’s disease
  5. Erythema infectiosum
  6. Roseola

It was first described by Robert Willan in 1799 as “Rubeola, sine catarrho”. It was better defined by Anton Tschamer in 1889 as a rubella variant (“Ortliche Rotheln”), identified as a distinct condition in 1896 by T. Escherich, and given the name “erythema infectiosum” in 1899.

Don’t call it a comeback…

I’ve been around, but it has been less than healthy. First, my daddy got the flu. Technically, he tested negative for the swine, but the doctor overruled the test and treated him for it anyway so if it oinks like swine and walks like a swine….I’m just saying. Then, I got sick. Mine was definitely not the swine flu. Mine was just a cold, but it still wiped me out and had me out of school Tuesday through Friday. Then my mommy got sick. She had a cold like me, but had to miss work for two days b/c she had a fever and they can’t have that at the hospital.

Anyway, today was the first day we all kind of got out in over a week. We went to the Fort Worth Alliance Air Show. It was pretty cool. We got to see a lot of military and trick planes. They were doing some tricks where they rolled, flipped, and smoked. There were also several people who jumped out of the plane and did some stunts. There was also a Jelly Belly plane that did some tricks. Overall, it was pretty cool. I think I will enjoy the show a little more when I get a year or two older, but I am glad we went.

Grannie came with us and should be sending some pics from the day. I will upload those when I get them. And I promise I won’t stay away so long from this point on.


It’s not Thanksgiving yet, but…

….I have plenty to be thankful for today.

1) My nanny successfully underwent open heart surgery – triple bypass. Thank you to all the doctors, nurses, and staff at St. Paul Hospital for keeping my nanny safe. It is a long road for recovery, but at least she is here to do it.

2) I am thankful for my health. Daddy was telling me about Kidd’s Kids. They take terminally ill children to Disney Land each year. My daddy was listening to some of the letters from other daddies writing about their children and he told me he had to fight back tears b/c he doesn’t know how parents can go through such a thing. He told me he hopes him and mommy never have to worry about dealing with that situation. He told me they are extremely fortunate and thankful for my health. That makes me thankful, too – one of the many reasons why I am. What’s your reason?


Not a good day

I stayed home from school yesterday b/c I told my daddy I didn’t feel well – ear and stomach ache. Today I tried the same thing again and since I was so active late in the day, the folks didn’t believe it this time. They took me to school, but I was feeling real crappy and it turned out I had a 102 degree temperature. The school called daddy and he came and got me. He took me to the Minute Clinic at CVS, but they wouldn’t see me b/c of my age and temperature. So, I had to go see my regular doctor – Dr. Sharrod. He rocks. He is nice and gentle. He explains everything he is doing so I know nothing will hurt. I did real good my daddy said b/c I opened up and said “aaahhhh” and let them feel my stomach and look in my ears and up my nose. Anyway, I have an ear infection and a soar throat. I got some meds to take so I hope they work fast. I was just glad to hear it wasn’t strep which is going around or worse, Scarlet Fever again.



I blogged about being all better, but I may have spoken a little too soon. Don’t be too concerned, but my tummy aches a little and my throat is still a little soar. No fever or anything like I was before, but not 100% like I stated earlier. I am still taking my meds so that is probably messing with my stomach a little so that should clear up. I am saying my throat hurts, but I am not acting like it because I am still screaming and running around like crazy. Oh well, keep you posted.


All better

I am happy to tell you that I am all better now. I had a sore throat for a little while after my last post, but I have been taking my medicine like a good boy and I feel better.

I went to school the last two days – I couldn’t talk the folks into letting me play hooky any more. Oh well. I did get to catch up with some of my Homies – Jazmine, Jandro, and Adi. It was good to see them. I got caught up on all that went on at school – nothing new. I did get to show them my new shoes – they light up when I walk. AND they have Spiderman on them – so cool!

I have also been sleeping in my big boy bed for the past week. I still have to take some pics of my room to show you what my daddy and I did to the room. It looks pretty cool and like a boys room – my room. Pics to come later.


Fever in the morning, fever in the night

Your favorite boy has Scarlet Fever. Yes, Scarlet Fever!!

Search WebMD or Wikipedia or any Google search to learn more. I totally thought this was something that was gone back in the 1800s. Evidentally, not! There was a case or two at school a month or so ago, but nothing too major. The upside is that I get to stay home with my daddy and get taken care of – what else is new, right?

Last night I got to sleep in my mommy & daddy’s bed since I was feeling so bad. Tonight I am in my new bed and in my new room. More on that one later – w/ pics.

Ear Infection

Well, I went to the doctor the other day and I found out I have an ear infection. This stinks, but it did get me out of school for two days. I am back at school today, but not many kids here since it is Spring Break. Jaxson is here though and I like him. Grace, or Gracie as Iike to call her, is also here so I got my main peeps here. They also moved me from my regular room to another room. Don’t they know they need to clear these things with me ahead of time so I can prepare. I do not like change.

Oh well, not much going on other than my Aunt Tami has a birthday today. So shout out to her on that one.
BTW does anyone else think this is a little Doogie Howser-ish?
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