David Matthew Hood

Most of you probably don’t know who this is, but hopefully you will take the time to learn. A friend of a friend had a little boy named David on March 18, 2009 (5 months ago). Unfortunately, David was diagnosed with a heart condition that would require multiple surgeries – open heart, etc. He was very touch and go for quite a while early, but fought through it with all his little might and seemed to be doing better for a while. Then, his mommy and daddy got somel.mktgnzaBfWYjtbSk news that took their breath away again. They went in for what they thought would be a routine consultation with a different doctor (the one who had worked on the Egyptian conjoined twins some time ago). He was not as optimistic about David’s development as the first doctor which was totally unexpected.

I’m not telling you guys about this to make you sad, but rather appreciative of what we have even when we want more because there are a lot of people that would be thrilled to be in our shoes. I also wanted to draw some attention to the strength and faith of David’s mommy and daddy. They have other children to be strong for and also explain what is going on with their baby brother – not an enviable position. They have remained optimistic about their child’s future, steadfast and united in their faith, and endless in their love for their little boy. My daddy says that he has to hug me whenever he thinks about David because he could not imagine seeing me go through anything like this. He also says he admires the strength of David’s mommy and daddy because this isn’t anything you can plan for or even want to imagine, but daddy tells me something Grannie told him, “the Will of God does not take you where the Grace of God can not protect you.”

Check out the link below (and on the sidebar) to read more about David Matthew Hood’s story. Please say a little prayer for David and hug me next time you see me.


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