My school had our Thanksgiving feast the other day and boy do I have a lot to be thankful for…..I have a cool dog, I have rooms full of toys, I eat lots of candy, I run the show at my house….it’s good to be king. And I know school cafeterias have a bad reputation for food quality, but my school makes the best pumpkin pudding EVER!!! I look forward to this feast every year just for that alone. My folks weren’t wild about trying it so I ate theirs – yummo! I thought my folks skipped the pudding because they wanted to save room for the turkey, potatoes, dressing, green beans, and rolls, but they didn’t really eat much of that either so not sure what they know that they’re not telling me. I was fine in my ignorance-is-bliss-world eating the turkey, potatoes, and rolls.

After all the pudding was gone, I hung out with some friends before heading back to class. I think I ate too much tryptophan in the turkey because I could’ve used a nap….or more pudding.




It’s been a while…

…since the last time I posted, but it was a busy holiday season and I had to take the month of January to recoup. Now it’s Valentine’s Day and there’s pics I never posted that I probably should so I can satisfy my need for order (in this case, sequential order). So below are some holiday pics so we can continue on schedule.

I also should include some pics of me at Tio’s farm where we caught over 20 fish(weighing maybe a total of 2 lbs). Now, when I say fishing I really mean drop my line in the water and pull the fish out – no hooking worms or getting the fish off the hook. I let daddy do that gross stuff for me. It got kind of cold when we went (daddy was unprepared so I had to wear on eof his sweatshirts), but we rode 4-wheelers until our face was numb. I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time and had to warm up next to the fire to melt my smile away. We also had an epic bonfire to burn off some old branches and stuff. That was cool enough, but we also started throwing firecrackers into the fire and scaring everyone. Daddy wouldn’t let me light the firecrackers because he was worried I would hurt myself so we could only throw them. He failed to mention he used to light them all the time when he was my age and he survived with all his fingers. Anyway, can’t wait until we go back.




Well, I missed #TBT so let’s go with Flashback Friday (#FBF).

I came across this video of me from my first Christmas in Georgia and a few things come to mind.

  1. This is why I don’t let my folks dress me without my input and/or protest. They think I’m having fun, but I was flailing around trying to say, “get me out of this ridiculous outfit because one day it will come back to haunt me!” – prophetic, no?!
  2. Did we not have chairs? I mean why was I on the floor the whole time. They thought I didn’t know any better, but I knew. That isn’t a look of holiday cheer – it was a look of befuddlement because I was wondering why no one was getting me off the floor. Too bad I didn’t have a Life Alert.
  3. I hope my folks enjoyed the fact all they had to get me for Christmas was tissue paper because TIMES HAVE CHANGED, BABY! I’m all about the tech now – gaming PC, iPhone 6+, video games, etc. – time to pay up folks!


I’ve always loved dressing up for Halloween and all the candy you get from trick-or-treating, but this year I found out something new I kinda like – and I say that in a shameful sort of way – being the big kid that “scares” the little kids.

This year I dressed up as Godzilla and I scared three kids when I walked by them. One was dressed as Batman – huh, he should have his batwings stripped from his 2-year old self. And that 3-year old “Jedi” has Yoda saying, “chicken you are.”

Anyway, that was the only day I’ve had where I’ve been intimidating so while I’m not going to make it a habit, I will relish it just a tad bit. bwaahhhaahaah

IMG_3835 IMG_3843 IMG_3852


What has 2 claws and ready for Halloween?

This guy! Need I say more?

Good Friday!


This is also a great spiritual version of the original which I’m a big fan of.



A Star is Born

So I starred in this off-Broadway production of “The Littlest Christmas Tree” last week. Not sure if you heard of it, but it was a one-time performance that got rave reviews from everyone in attendance. It was so good that everyone in the audience hung around afterward to hug at least one person in the production.

I had more fun with this than it looks and more than I thought I would. I’m thinking about making this a once a year thing – you know, to give my fans what they want but not dilute my brand. 

Check back for upcoming shows and check out the pictures and videos below to hold you over. 

pre-game pic

pre-game pic

I couldn't help but wave at mommy, daddy, and grannie

I couldn’t help but wave at mommy, daddy, and grannie

that's one good looking elf

that’s one good looking elf

looks like I'm feeling the Holy Ghost

looks like I’m feeling the Holy Ghost


This by far is my favorite video.



Or maybe this is my favorite…



About 18 seconds in you see me calling my friend loco.



Someone is trying to steal the spotlight…some of us just naturally shine bright.



Where have you been?

I’ve been waiting to post until you came back – only kidding – it’s all my fault. You know it’s not easy being a 7-year old in an instantaneous world that provides and demands everything immediately – I’m usually on the demanding end – I’ve got CEO written all over me.

So to catch you up on a few things….Halloween rocked. I went as Sonic the Hedgehog and mommy, Grannie, and daddy all went as other Sonic characters. They weren’t as “lucky” as I was because they only had hats that looked like the character while I had the whole costume – Sonic, baby! Anyway, I got A LOT of candy from trick-or-treating. Mommy and daddy swear I’m still on my sugar high and are waiting for me to come down.

Moving on….Thanksgiving rocked. We had some good food and had a relaxing day with family. I should have taken a picture of our spread, but evidently, we are all too hungry to stop and pose. I did have my annual Thanksgiving lunch at school. Mommy and daddy came up to school to eat with me. I just love it when they come eat lunch with me. I think I have them conned into eating with me once a month each and Grannie, too. I was pushing for each of them to come eat with me once a week, but I can settle for once a month each.

Now we’re pretty much up to date on everything except for one thing…..BUDDY IS BACK IN TOWN! Yep, my own personal elf is back in town and I love me some Buddy. First, he always changes locations. Sometimes they are silly and sometimes they are normal, but it’s always fun to try and find him in the morning. It really serves as good motivation to get out of bed in the morning. Second, and perhaps the best part, Buddy always brings me 24 little pre-Christmas gifts from Santa and I can open one each day if I act right, e.g., brush my teeth, clean up my toys, read, say my prayers. And yes, there were times over the past couple of years that I did not get to open a present because I wasn’t acting right – bygones.

Below are some pics from the past few weeks. Also, stay posted because I am getting on the #TBT (ThrowBack Thursdays) train so stay tuned for some pics from my past on Thursdays.


action shot

action shot

me being thankful

me being thankful

1st day back above my stocking

1st day back above my stocking

he just can't get enough of me

he just can’t get enough of me

free-fall from the light

free-fall from the light

he thought we needed a new tree topper

he thought we needed a new tree topper

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