Not a good day

I stayed home from school yesterday b/c I told my daddy I didn’t feel well – ear and stomach ache. Today I tried the same thing again and since I was so active late in the day, the folks didn’t believe it this time. They took me to school, but I was feeling real crappy and it turned out I had a 102 degree temperature. The school called daddy and he came and got me. He took me to the Minute Clinic at CVS, but they wouldn’t see me b/c of my age and temperature. So, I had to go see my regular doctor – Dr. Sharrod. He rocks. He is nice and gentle. He explains everything he is doing so I know nothing will hurt. I did real good my daddy said b/c I opened up and said “aaahhhh” and let them feel my stomach and look in my ears and up my nose. Anyway, I have an ear infection and a soar throat. I got some meds to take so I hope they work fast. I was just glad to hear it wasn’t strep which is going around or worse, Scarlet Fever again.


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