It was just a good day

I heard this line from the Upland, CA high school soccer coach after he had just won his 300th game. All he had to say when he was told that he was one of the few that had achieved this – “it was just a good day.”

While I didn’t accomplish anything like this today, I did go to my new class today. We are all big kids in there compared to the past class I was in. Ms. Stephanie is my teacher and she seems pretty cool. She has some cool tats so she can’t be all that bad. In this class we get to spend more time learning, coloring, and reading at the table instead of running around aimlessly making a lot of noise. I like this better – it’s more civilized. Today we learned what colors are in the rainbow. I have most of them down, but I do tend to leave out orange so I have a little more work to to do on that one. I was also told I was a good boy and I believe them. I believe them because only the good kids that are quiet and behaved are called up to get their stuff first and I kept getting called first. I must have been real good b/c by the end of the day they would just tell me to come up before they even told everyone else to be quiet.

After school, daddy and I went to Celebration Park where they have a mini waterpark type thing. I have been there a couple of times before, but didn’t play in the water. This time, I figured I already moved up in class, got the potty training thing down, so why not just jump in and get my feet wet. Okay, it may have been more like dip my little toe in the water, but it’s a start. All in all, it was just a good day. Check out the videos.


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