David Hood update….

Post from David’s website…..”We had our much anticipated appointment today with Dr. Riela, and it went well. First, David had to do an EEG this morning before our appointment. He cooperated, and it was fairly uneventful. They connected about 20 sensors to his head, and observed him for about an hour……” http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/babyhood


8/31 is the day

This was the day that I decided I would go ahead and play with anything I wanted at school. I was playing with the legos and built a hospital like the one being built by my house and the one mommy works in. I also decided to talk up a storm to Ms Jessica – she’s sweet. She felt so good b/c everyone had warned her that I would probably not talk to her. Did “everyone” ever think I may not have had anything to say OR that it may be them?????

Anyway, today was a good day. Watch out – from here on out, there is no stopping me. (BTW that’s me at the bottom left in the pale green t-shirt.)

PRK school


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