I’ve been meaning to get better about posting, but my schedule has been full and keeping me busy — 3rd grade is for real!

Anyway, some highlights from the last few weeks…I passed my Green Belt test in Taekwondo so I’m one step closer to being a lethal weapon.The test was harder because there was a lot more material to know, but Confucius says “the man who chases two rabbits catches none.” In other words, focus is key so that is what I did. I centered myself and calmed my nerves and performed like a high-kicking, board-breaking rock star!

Step behind side kick

Step behind side kick

Over the past couple of weeks I also got in touch with another side of my roots by going to the Greek Food Festival with daddy and grannie. This is the side my last name comes from, but we know very little about so we figured we could get caught up at a festival — yeah, not so much. But we did have some fun playing with sand. Opa!

And then here’s a couple of pics from when grannie came to have lunch with me for grandparent’s day and then GiGi and I tying to get some rest. The pic with grannie was sneaky on my part because she told me she wanted to take a selfie in my cafeteria and didn’t want me in it, but I photobombed with a big smile and showed her….hmmmm….I may have been played, nah! I’m sure she really came to have lunch with me hoping to get a selfie without me in the picture.

IMG_7121    IMG_7161

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