Real life Minecraft

This past weekend, I got the chance to experience something totally new and totally cool. I got to basically be in my own personal Minecraft game because I went digging for diamonds! Grannie and I packed our gear and headed out on a road trip to the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro, AR to get us some bling. My plan was to get enough diamonds to make mommy some new earrings, a necklace, and maybe a bracelet. Of course, that was after I cashed out a few diamonds to buy Toys-R-Us and, yes dad, pay for my college.

Well, Toys-R-Us is safe, mommy will have to make due with CZ’s, and don’t cash out the savings account just yet dad because we came up completely diamond free. We did, however, have a great time. It was HOT!! Grannie made me drink so much water I thought I was going to pop, but that was the right thing to do, I know. There was a water park right next to the dig site so we dug until we couldn’t dig anymore and then cooled off by playing in the water.

After leaving the diamond park, we went to another place in Arkansas where we could dig for crystals. This may have actually been cooler than the diamond place because we actually found stuff we were looking for. We found so many I could barely lift the bucket we carried them in so Grannie had to carry it the whole way – she sure is strong for a “mature” lady. We found quartz, smoke quartz, jasper, and lots of red dirt that we have all over the house now. In fact, we found so much quarts we could make mommy earrings and a necklace! I hope she likes the quartz jewelry and doesn’t take it for GRANITE — bazinga — see what I did there — Geology humor

Even though we didn’t find diamonds, we found a lot of riches in the new experiences and quality time with my Grannie. I will remember it for the rest of my life and hope she does too!

Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo, Donatello….Parker

No, I ‘m not the newest member of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – I, like these great art masters, have been bitten by the art bug. Grannie, daddy, and I went to the Dallas Museum of Art the other day to expand my knowledge of art and had a chance to participate in one of their children’s art clinics – it was AWESOME!! I had so much fun. This particular clinic (and they change every month) was about still lifes and what was represented by the kinds of food on the table, or the type of flatware or drinkware, etc. We all learned stuff we didn’t know beforehand. Then we got the chance to make our own version of a still life with different craft materials. You can see below what grannie and I made (mine is the pizza). We did such a good job that we were all craving pizza and donuts so we had to grab some pizza on the way home and donuts the next morning. They say art inspires you so if our work isn’t art, then I don’t know what is.

Anyway, we had so much fun that we plan on going back once a month to participate in the clinics to broaden our awareness and appreciation for all mediums. You can check back here for more masterpieces.

DMA collage_gold frame

All’s Fair with love and Grannie!

One Dallas tradition that I hadn’t taken part in yet was the annual trek down to the State Fair of Texas….that is until this year when Grannie treated her favorite little boy to the annual event – that’s me!

I wasn’t exactly sure what the Fair was going to be like, but daddy and mommy said it was going to be like Pleasure Pier in Galveston, only bigger. I was pumped and ready to be on my best behavior so I could be spoiled by Grannie – and she didn’t disappoint.

My mission for the Fair was simple – have fun, ride some rides, see some animals, and win enough stuffed animals for mommy, daddy, and me – mission accomplished. I had a blast. I got to see Big Tex which has been around for longer than Grannie has been around. She told me she remembered seeing him as a kid and that daddy saw him when he was a kid. When we got there, we didn’t waste much time getting down to business – we spotted the roller coaster and we were going to ride. Grannie said I didn’t have anything to worry about, but she forgets she’s not 6 anymore and little metal carts  flying around on temporary railing at terminal velocity speeds is a little something to worry about, but by the time I pieced all this together it was too late – I was strapped/trapped in and ready to go. I didn’t scream one bit, but I didn’t like it one bit either. Grannie, on the other hand, loved it and screamed the whole time (wonder where daddy gets it from). Needless to say, I had trust issues the rest of the day – with Grannie and any ride that claimed to be fun. So this left us with plenty of tickets to play games.

We played all kinds of games and for the most part the carnies made sure I would win a little something at least. Of course, all the money we gave them helped. I walked away with a hippo, duck, giraffe, bear, Scooby, balloon, and more and Grannie had to carry them all – even on the roller coaster.

One thing we did while we were there was look at all kinds of animals – they were kinda smelly. And we saw some little piggies race – that was so funny. Our piggy, Forest, came in last even though we were all yelling, “Run, Forest, run!

After the Fair, Grannie and I were so tired, but already talking about next year’s outing to the Fair.

Galveston Day 5 – A Good Day to Boogie

On Thursday, Grannie came down to Galveston for a couple of days to spend being a beach bum with me. I couldn’t have been happier because we got to go walking all along the beach picking up all the shells and I do mean all of them – I have like a bucket full. I also got to show her how to boogie board. I thought it was so cool that my Grannie even got out there and tried to boogie board all by herself. She did awesome! I told her it was a good day to boogie and I was right. Pics of those will come when we develop the film from the waterproof camera – yep I said it – develop film. We bought an old school waterproof disposable camera so we could take it out to get action shots and I have a feeling it will pay off.

After our time at the beach, we went to Pleasure Pier for some dinner and fun on the rides. We ate at Bubba Gumps – Stupid Is As Stupid Does. After that, we went to ride the scary rides. Daddy stepped up right away and said he would ride the teacups with me while mommy went with the the boys to ride the Iron Shark – it may have been taller and faster and had loops, but my teacups spun around pretty fast so it was kinda the same – at least to me and daddy. Even though mommy asked daddy several times if he wanted to go ride the larger roller coasters, daddy insisted he would tough through my rides. Based on the amount of screaming he did on my rides, mommy and I think my rides were all he could take – so far no denial.


Grannies rock…

….at least mine does. This past week I got two spend two whole days with Grannie because she missed me and wanted to spend time with me. The plan was for her to play hookie from work and spoil me for two whole days and give me back to mommy and daddy to deal with me. That is pretty much how it went, but I didn’t spend the night because I would have missed mommy and daddy too much. They really tried to get me to stay with Grannie, but I could tell they were just putting on a brave face because what would they do if I wasn’t there to give them so much to do and wake them up so early?

Anyway, day one grannie and I went to Glenrose, TX  – the Dinosaur capitol of Texas. We went to Fossil Rim where you ride through the park like you were on safari and the animals come right up to the car. Now when they do this they are wanting food so you either need to have some food to give them or you become food – that’s how my 5-year old mind interpreted it anyway. So the whole time I was on alert except one time when I let my guard down and from out of nowhere this stealthy llama popped his head in the car. At this moment, I knew there was only going to be one of us to survive – this was the most basic of all relationships – man vs. beast. My fight or flight instincts kicked in and since I couldn’t reach the gas pedal flight was out of the question so I did what any other manly man would do when faced with the snarling, drooling fangs of a viscous llama would do – I roared – like Simba in The Lion King. Now I thought the roar sounded like when Simba was big, but grannie insists it was more like the whimper he let out when he was a cub – here nor there, bottom line is I am here to tell the story so take from it what you wish.

After surviving the safari we went to the Dinosaur World where we got to see dinosaur bones, fossils, and statues. I even got to go on an excavation where I found real life dinosaur teeth that I got to keep. They don’t look that big so they are probably from some pre-historic rat or something, but I prefer to think they are from a baby T-Rex and the Tooth Fairy dropped them – prove otherwise!

Day two, we went to the Fort Worth Zoo. This was a blast as usual because I got to catch up with all of mommy’s relatives – not sure why daddy and grannie always make me say that and laugh hysterically when I do. It was hot, but grannie and I made sure we drank a lot of water. The only bummer about the zoo is that I always have to pose by this brass elephant every single time I go. It’s one that I have been posing with since I was 2 years old and mommy, daddy, and grannie always talk about how much I’ve grown and then they lament at how I’m getting older – circle of life people (I’m in a Lion King kind of mood I guess).

Dipping dots at the zoo…

How could you not want to spoil me Grannie?

Dinosaur World video


Today is my Grannie’s birthday. She absolutely rocks and I love her so much – 199 times.

This is some video of her co-workers singing to her. They know she’s special, too.

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