Time to step it up, dad!

Dad, I love you to death, but looks like you have some ground to make up when it comes to creativity and ability. I mean the decorative baggies are cute and all, but this guy is amazing. He must really love his kid – do you just not love me enough to learn how to do this??? 😦

(Watch through all the clips – worth it.)


Ziploc® Chic

So I’ve  been taking my lunch to school just about every day for nearly two school years and not one sweet note from my folks to let me know they love me and/or thinking about me and/or they care!! Then, one day a couple of weeks ago, I was really not wanting any part of going to school – I mean I figured if I didn’t go to school again, I would always have my folks to live with and that’s fine with me. But as soon as I proposed that, they went on about me growing up and not wanting them to be around and me getting married – which again I said we would live with them. Then, they started on about baby birds being thrown out of the nest and it was up to them to fly or crash to the ground – not sure where they were going with that, but I do know a little thing called adverse possession (squatter’s rights) exists.

Anyway, I opened my lunch that day and I saw more than a note! It was a silly drawing on my sandwich bag. It totally surprised me and totally made me smile. Not sure if this was suppose to be a one time deal, but it appears as long as I keep telling them how much I like it and ask what’s next the baggies keep showing up with a different surprise every day.



“BatDad is the father his kids deserve, not the one they need.”

Don’t show my daddy this because he is already goofy and annoying enough with all his antics – he really doesn’t need any new ideas. It’s bad enough we can’t walk by any goofy-looking hat without him putting it on and walking around the store acting silly and trying to get me to put one on. In most cases like that, mommy and me just keep walking and looking for a security guard to report some strange man following us. If we could only get those security guards to stop daddy from singing in the car, we would be golden.

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