Just wanted to give you guys a quick shot of what my school room looks like and my crew I roll with.We are at the bottom right – Adi, Jazmine, and me. Jandro was playing hooky that day. We like to hang out in our circle. Everyone knows that is our turf.

I should be moving rooms at the end of the month. I hear I am moving 2 or 3 classes up because I am potty trained, but not sure yet. I don’t want to really leave my homies, but I don’t think they are all 100% potty trained. I have been doing good with the training. I did have one accident yesterday, but that was because we were outside. I guess I could have done like daddy does in the backyard – don’t tell him I told you that.



Potty update

Okay, so this week I decided to wear big boy underwear to school this week instead of pull-ups. I must say I am rather proud of myself because I only had 2 accidents so far this week. The teachers at school are all impressed and making a big deal out of me being a big boy.

The first incident was not a matter of not going in time, but rather control or aim may be a better way to phrase what I mean. The other one just happened. I went like 4 times today with no issue, but for some reason this one snuck up on me and I soaked everything in sight – just in time for my daddy to pick me up and change me. I was so wet that I even got a little bit on him from contact. Oh well, it keeps him on his toes and from getting too comfortable with the situation.

Again, I have to say I am doing a pretty good job – kicking that potty’s bobo.


In training

Okay, this past weekend my folks had me in potty training. I wore big boy underwear – the kind with Spiderman and everything. I had to make sure I told them when I was ready to go potty. I mean they were constantly asking – enough already, right. Anyway, I guess it was good they asked because sometimes I would forget and have an accident, but I got real good by the end of the weekend. Then, came school. I didn’t do so great there, but that is a strange potty because it isn’t mine so it may take me time to warm up to that one. I will try to get better there, but when I come home I am a king on his throne.


Okay, so I got my first progress report from my school yesterday. It gives you a rating between 1-5. So I am told that 1 is the best so I expect to open this thing up and see nothing but 1s or a real big 1, but instead I see some 2s and some 5s. The images below will let you see what I got. Here are some highlights…..
Category                        Rating       PRK Comments
Play well w/ others            2               If the “others” that they speak of would
                                                                     do what I say, then I would have a 1.
Particpate in activities     2               I will participate when I feel like it so
                                                                     this may be deserved.
Name colors                         2               Name colors? You want that in English
                                                                    or Spanish? I deserve a 1 on that one.
Identify body parts           5               Again, English or Spanish?! 
Go to bathroom                  4               Working on it, okay? Give me a break.
                                                                     I like my Elmo potty better.
I guess the lesson(s) I learned here is that I need to talk and participate to show I know all this stuff. Maybe I am just waiting on a challenge. Either way, I need to get over it and just do it so they recognize my skills.

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