Everybody’s workin’ for the weekend….

It’s no different for kids, you know. After a long week at school, I was ready to chill. I wanted to just sleep in, veg as much as possible, and of course spend time with the fam. That is exactly what I did.

We had a storm roll through Thursday night and it was lightening and thundering all night. I woke up a little scared so I went downstairs and slept with my daddy who fell asleep on the couch while he was trying to decompress from his workout – I guess it worked. Anyway, I managed to work myself right next to him and I was as comfortable as could be. I heard my daddy telling mommy, that he was a bit crowded and couldn’t really sleep that well, but his snoring could have fooled me.

My folks thought I would sleep in Saturday since I was up the night before, but that is what they get for thinking. There was way to much playing to do to sleep in. I was ready to run them ragged and I did. We played outside, inside, and everywhere else I could think of playing.  Sunday – the same thing. All in all, it was a good chill weekend with a lot of playing going on. Wish we had another day to enjoy together, but I have to make my brain bigger by going to school and mommy and daddy need to keep working so they can bring home the bacon. Have a great week all.


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