Fifth time a charm??

So my cheeks have been rosy for the last few days no matter if I was running around and playing or if I was just waking up in the morning. Mommy and daddy kept asking if I felt sick, but I felt fine. No fever, headache or anything. But then I started to get a faint rash on my upper arms and legs so they took me to the doctor. Turns out I have Erythema infectiosum or Fifth disease. It is also called Slapped cheek syndrome because of the red cheeks.

Anyway, it is nothing major and isn’t permanent so I’m good. By the time the rash is evident, the disease has run its course and I’m no longer contagious and pose no threat unless you are pregnant or have sickle cell, then there is a slight chance I could infect you. This actually kept me form going to my cousin Lily’s birthday because some pregnant women were going to be there and I didn’t want to be responsible for anything that may harm them.

So the long of the short is that I’m going to survive, but that doesn’t mean I won’t try to get a little extra sympathy from this with my folks….cough, cough….sniffle, sniffle.

BTW here some historical info on Fifth Disease….

The name “fifth disease” derives from its historical classification as the fifth of the classical childhood skin rashes or exanthems. The other common skin rashes are:

  1. Measles
  2. Scarlet fever
  3. Rubella
  4. Duke’s disease
  5. Erythema infectiosum
  6. Roseola

It was first described by Robert Willan in 1799 as “Rubeola, sine catarrho”. It was better defined by Anton Tschamer in 1889 as a rubella variant (“Ortliche Rotheln”), identified as a distinct condition in 1896 by T. Escherich, and given the name “erythema infectiosum” in 1899.


My baby cousin turned 1 today. I hope you have a great birthday Lily-Pop!

Papa Dupree and Lily

hip hop the hippie the hippie to the hip hip hop

It’s Easter baby!

The weekend kicked off by us having an Easter egg hunt at school. Us kids had a great time. It was little bit of a break from the norm of learning all the time and gave us an opportunity to eat lots of candy and keep our teachers busy by running it all off so I think they were happy for the end of the day to come.

Saturday was great too, but I did over hear mommy, daddy, and grannie talking about some bunny remains that were found in the backyard. Not sure what that means, but evidently this was the 2nd year in a row that bunny remains were found in our backyard the day before Easter. Not sure if there is some sort of strange voodoo, but it is hard to ignore that the only two times that has happened has been on Easter Eve.

Anyway, the real big day was Easter Sunday. It started off with a little visit from the Easter Bunny and boy did he like me. I got a basket full of toys, books, and candy. A great start to the day.

After that, we went to church at Papa and Grandma Dupree’s church. Once church was over, we were ready to get the show on the road – Easter egg hunt time at papa’s house. While the daddy’s were hiding the eggs, I was scoping out my competition – two of my cousins – Lily and Tyler. They looked like they could be pretty tough, but I was twice as old as Tyler and Lilly hadn’t mastered walking yet so I figured I could hold my own. As you see in the video below, I meant business. I was running to all the eggs like nobody’s business. I own Easter Sunday, baby!!

With all the eggs found, Grannie and I chilled out on the old school tree swing. It was a great way to come down from my sugar high (two major sugar highs in 3 days – I may need to consider getting help).


Happy Birthday Tio!

Today is Tio’s birthday. He is so crazy. I saw him Sunday at a cookout his sister held for his birthday. It was pretty cool because I got to see some of my homies, Shad and Tristan. We played football and I showed them what a 34 lb freight train feels like…check it out….

And no one has a birthday without getting birthday spankings. I’m not sure how old Tio is, but mommy said he was real old so I made sure to give him a lot of spankings. The video is a little dark, but you should be able to make it out.

This ain’t Duran Duran’s Rio

Duran Duran may have been the only Rio of my parents’ generation, but not mine. My generation has Rio the movie. Daddy and I went to see this movie and we loved every minute. We didn’t do the 3D version because daddy says he isn’t quite on board with wearing cheap sunglasses (shout out ZZtop) in a movie. Plus, I get tired of wearing them so no reason to see the 3D version.

Anyway, the movie was plenty funny. Daddy and I literally laughed out loud several times – birds dancing and shaking their booty, funny faces, birds bouncing off booties, a bulldog that drools like my papa Kolias’ dog, etc. There weren’t any real scary or loud parts so nothing made me really jump except once when something jumped out I wasn’t expecting. All the colorful animals and colors of the Rio de Janeiro setting really kept me interested so I think it would hold the interest of most kids my age . It did have a little romance, but not quite a chick flick so my rep is intact of being a boy’s boy.

Overall, we gave the movie two thumbs up.


Catching up….part 2

So after mommy and daddy came back to rescue Grannie from me, we went camping at Tyler State Park. We decided to go here on a recommendation of a friend of ours whom happens to be named Tyler.

Daddy showed he has some camping chops by getting our tent up in no time. He kept telling mommy that he use to go camping all the time with his dad when he was a little boy, but mommy had to see it to believe it – she still thinks he may have been a little lucky. After the tent was up, we realized we couldn’t put the cover on because the wind would collapse our tent. It was warm outside so we figured no big deal. That nonchalant, carpe diem attitude faded when the sun and temperature dropped, at least for mommy and daddy. I was fine because I was in the middle and had plenty of warmth, but they said they had their booties hanging out from the covers. It’s all good though – no one got frostbite or anything.

So we camped, hiked, fished, cooked over an open fire and even had a surprise visit from Tio – it was all a great time.

BTW when mommy was giving me a piggyback ride, daddy kept making Dagobah System jokes and talking in a Yoda voice – I don’t get it.

Catching up….part 1

So the last week has been a blast. Both my folks were on vacation so that meant a lot of family time. They did skip out for a quick little trip to Galveston with some friends, but they said they were just resting up for time with me. I pretended to be sad that they were leaving, but I knew that with them gone it was going to be me and Grannie  – and she didn’t stand a chance…

Grannie put up a good fight for about 10 minutes and then I laid down the law that it was going to be all about me. We went to the Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park. While the aquarium wasn’t so great because it was small, we had a blast. We rode some big paddle boats that looked like swans and because I am so small, Grannie had to do all the pedaling for the two of us. I kept telling her to suck it up and that this was good for her heart.  She said some choice words (and even taught me some of those words), but she survived.

One of the conditions of spending time with Grannie is that I have to take several hundred pictures while I’m with her.

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