Catching up….part 1

So the last week has been a blast. Both my folks were on vacation so that meant a lot of family time. They did skip out for a quick little trip to Galveston with some friends, but they said they were just resting up for time with me. I pretended to be sad that they were leaving, but I knew that with them gone it was going to be me and Grannie  – and she didn’t stand a chance…

Grannie put up a good fight for about 10 minutes and then I laid down the law that it was going to be all about me. We went to the Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park. While the aquarium wasn’t so great because it was small, we had a blast. We rode some big paddle boats that looked like swans and because I am so small, Grannie had to do all the pedaling for the two of us. I kept telling her to suck it up and that this was good for her heart.  She said some choice words (and even taught me some of those words), but she survived.

One of the conditions of spending time with Grannie is that I have to take several hundred pictures while I’m with her.

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