Ball, tracks, is enough, and me…

What do all these have in common? If you throw an 8 in front of them, you have a classic….I’m 8 yrs old now, baby!!!

My birthday week is about to come to an end – yes, I said week because that’s how I roll. I get the run of my proverbial castle which means, presents, pizza, and just about any kind of junk food you can think of.

On the day of my actual birthday, I grabbed a couple of my friends and we went bowling and played video games all day. I’m not into cake so I’ve started the tradition of getting Campisi’s pizza loaded with so much Canadian bacon it looks like a pig sleeping on pizza dough.

After that, mommy, daddy, and I went to a cabin in Beaver’s Bend, OK for some rest and relaxation. It was a blast and we had some great quality time playing games, fishing, hiking around the area and shooting my new BB gun my dad bought me – he shot it more than I did – something about working out unfulfilled childhood dreams he was deprived of – I guess the BB gun was cheaper than a shrink, but he may want to consider springing for some therapy.

Anyway, it was a great week and I plan on making each following week better than the last.



I’m a sharp shooter…..


….from 2 feet away so stay out of my sweet spot.


Catching up….part 2

So after mommy and daddy came back to rescue Grannie from me, we went camping at Tyler State Park. We decided to go here on a recommendation of a friend of ours whom happens to be named Tyler.

Daddy showed he has some camping chops by getting our tent up in no time. He kept telling mommy that he use to go camping all the time with his dad when he was a little boy, but mommy had to see it to believe it – she still thinks he may have been a little lucky. After the tent was up, we realized we couldn’t put the cover on because the wind would collapse our tent. It was warm outside so we figured no big deal. That nonchalant, carpe diem attitude faded when the sun and temperature dropped, at least for mommy and daddy. I was fine because I was in the middle and had plenty of warmth, but they said they had their booties hanging out from the covers. It’s all good though – no one got frostbite or anything.

So we camped, hiked, fished, cooked over an open fire and even had a surprise visit from Tio – it was all a great time.

BTW when mommy was giving me a piggyback ride, daddy kept making Dagobah System jokes and talking in a Yoda voice – I don’t get it.

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