Happy Birthday Tio!

Today is Tio’s birthday. He is so crazy. I saw him Sunday at a cookout his sister held for his birthday. It was pretty cool because I got to see some of my homies, Shad and Tristan. We played football and I showed them what a 34 lb freight train feels like…check it out….

And no one has a birthday without getting birthday spankings. I’m not sure how old Tio is, but mommy said he was real old so I made sure to give him a lot of spankings. The video is a little dark, but you should be able to make it out.

Happy Birthday Shad

Today is my homie Shad’s birthday. He is the big 14. That sure does seem old. That will take me forever to get that old. Happy birthday, Shad!

Weekend at Tio’s

Me and the fam went to Tio’s country house last weekend and had a blast. Kim and her boys Shad and Tristen were there, too. The video is of us playing. We also jumped on the trampoline, fished, and they rode ATVs while I watched. I didn’t want to ride them this time, but I will next time. It was a pretty chill time and good to get away from everything – you know all the stress of learning at school, making sure I potty when I need to, and of course doing lots of funny and charming things to keep my mommy and daddy laughing.

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