My mama’s day? Yo mama’s day!

Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful mommy. You are the best no matter what every other kid is telling their mom today. Honorable mentions to my Grannie and Nanny.

Shake and Bake

That’s Shake and Bake Ricky Bobby style.

I went to a birthday party at Ellen’s Amusement Park for this little 5 year old chica I know, Kyndall. I had a blast, but probably most fun racing go-karts….er, I mean race cars with daddy. He kept saying “Shake and bake, baby” and “If you ain’t first, you’re last.” Thank you Ricky Bobby – you have had such an impact on my daddy.

Shake and Bake

I also had fun playing one of the video games there. I had t smash all the spiders as they lit up. I never played that game before so it was great playing it over and over. I won so many tickets I was able to get a prize – a spider. Is that irony, coincidence, or poetic? Don’t ask me, I’m only 4.

The itsy bitsy spider...SPLAT!

OOPS, I did it again…

I forgot someone’s birthday and it is someone daddy feels is a great friend and wonderful mommy to her daughter. This someone also painted one of my paintings in my room and is going to paint some more super hero paintings for me – PAM!

Daddy didn’t remind me to post HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you on my blog, but we remembered it was your birthday on 4/29/unknown…..unknown or not mentioned anyway.

BTW she also starred in the critically and commercially acclaimed coming of age movie Teen Vamp.


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