I’ve been meaning to get better about posting, but my schedule has been full and keeping me busy — 3rd grade is for real!

Anyway, some highlights from the last few weeks…I passed my Green Belt test in Taekwondo so I’m one step closer to being a lethal weapon.The test was harder because there was a lot more material to know, but Confucius says “the man who chases two rabbits catches none.” In other words, focus is key so that is what I did. I centered myself and calmed my nerves and performed like a high-kicking, board-breaking rock star!

Step behind side kick

Step behind side kick

Over the past couple of weeks I also got in touch with another side of my roots by going to the Greek Food Festival with daddy and grannie. This is the side my last name comes from, but we know very little about so we figured we could get caught up at a festival — yeah, not so much. But we did have some fun playing with sand. Opa!

And then here’s a couple of pics from when grannie came to have lunch with me for grandparent’s day and then GiGi and I tying to get some rest. The pic with grannie was sneaky on my part because she told me she wanted to take a selfie in my cafeteria and didn’t want me in it, but I photobombed with a big smile and showed her….hmmmm….I may have been played, nah! I’m sure she really came to have lunch with me hoping to get a selfie without me in the picture.

IMG_7121    IMG_7161

Grandparents galore

Over the past week I have been blessing my grandparents with my presence. First, it was bowling with papa Kolias and daddy. I’m almost unstoppable with bumpers and a ramp to guide the ball, but daddy still got the best of us both and was crowned champion. Daddy says that this is his time – young enough to beat the aging papa Kolias and old enough to hold me off for many years to come. Just keep in mind daddy that my time will come and I will have no pity on you.

Then, I spent the whole day with Grannie on 5/24 because school was out and mommy and daddy had to work so she was the lucky one that got to run me around everywhere – and I mean everywhere. First, it was off to a great breakfast at Waffle House – my fav (#FavFlav). After getting fueled up, we went to the library to find knock-knock joke books. She didn’t realize how many books there would be on that subject, nor did my folks – I have been reading knock-knock jokes left and right. After that, we ran up to Pilot Point to go to this zoo where you can also eat dinner with bears. Unfortunately, it is closed during the week so we wasted a trip to Pilot Point for nothing. So pressed to keep me entertained and happy, Grannie took me to Chuck-E-Cheese and I have to say that I never get sick of that place. Yes, it may be germ-infested and full of ill-mannered kids that aren’t high on taking turns, but I get to spend lots of money for tickets to get prizes worth a fraction of the money spent on them.

And then this past weekend, we went out to nanny’s new place at Possum Kingdom. That is about a 3 hour car ride from here to there – fortunately, I had a lot of knock-knock books to help pass the time for mommy and daddy (thanks Grannie). One of the cool things about nanny’s place is that she has like 40 pet deer, or at least deer that hear the can rattle and come running up for a free meal. Nevertheless, I got to feed deer and it was cool. We fed them corn and at one point I tried to throw the corn out real far, but I ended up just hitting a deer in the head. I didn’t mean to, but I did giggle when I heard the thump of corn on his head – I hope that isn’t bad karma – he did continue to eat.

Anyway, it was a good time with the grandparents – next up is papa Dupree this weekend at the family reunion.

photo (32)

photo (33)

hip hop the hippie the hippie to the hip hip hop

It’s Easter baby!

The weekend kicked off by us having an Easter egg hunt at school. Us kids had a great time. It was little bit of a break from the norm of learning all the time and gave us an opportunity to eat lots of candy and keep our teachers busy by running it all off so I think they were happy for the end of the day to come.

Saturday was great too, but I did over hear mommy, daddy, and grannie talking about some bunny remains that were found in the backyard. Not sure what that means, but evidently this was the 2nd year in a row that bunny remains were found in our backyard the day before Easter. Not sure if there is some sort of strange voodoo, but it is hard to ignore that the only two times that has happened has been on Easter Eve.

Anyway, the real big day was Easter Sunday. It started off with a little visit from the Easter Bunny and boy did he like me. I got a basket full of toys, books, and candy. A great start to the day.

After that, we went to church at Papa and Grandma Dupree’s church. Once church was over, we were ready to get the show on the road – Easter egg hunt time at papa’s house. While the daddy’s were hiding the eggs, I was scoping out my competition – two of my cousins – Lily and Tyler. They looked like they could be pretty tough, but I was twice as old as Tyler and Lilly hadn’t mastered walking yet so I figured I could hold my own. As you see in the video below, I meant business. I was running to all the eggs like nobody’s business. I own Easter Sunday, baby!!

With all the eggs found, Grannie and I chilled out on the old school tree swing. It was a great way to come down from my sugar high (two major sugar highs in 3 days – I may need to consider getting help).



Today is my Grannie’s birthday. She absolutely rocks and I love her so much – 199 times.

This is some video of her co-workers singing to her. They know she’s special, too.

Happy Birthday Grannie!

Today is my grannie’s b-day……HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

At the movies

My Grannie took me to the movies to see Ice Age 3. I was pretty stoked to check out the movie since I thought the performances in 1 and 2 were inspired. I figured there was more to come. And I was right! This installment had humor, action, drama – I laughed, I cried, I asked for more!

Grannie said I was a good boy and I think I was. I whispered during the movie so I wouldn’t disturb anyone and I stayed in my seat the whole time. That may have been because I was busy eating all the candy Grannie had hidden in her purse. After the movie, she took me to the toy store to get some dinosaurs so I could reinact some of the scenes from the movie – I need to work on my voices since all my dinosaurs still sound like me. Anyway, I still have time to work on that one since I am only performing for my daddy and mommy.

All in all, it was just a good day. Thank you Grannie and thank you 20th Century Fox.



I started off my day looking pretty cool with what I was wearing (pictures will be posted later). Grannie then picked me up and took me to my favorite donut shop. I like this particular donut place because it has a train that runs around the place high on the wall. We then went to the Dallas Arboretum. It was pretty cool. I tell you something, I am not sure if it gets any better than starting a day off with donuts and then a day dedicated to taking pictures of me.
I then got to see Pat and mamma Pat when I went to check out Pat’s aquarium. Grannie keeps trying to get my mommy and daddy to get me an aquarium, but not sure they are going for that one. They keep saying they have one for me at Pat’s so I guess that is pretty close to a no. I bet Grannie keeps at it though for me. I think it wold be cool, but I am not going to get stuck cleaning it.
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