This ain’t Duran Duran’s Rio

Duran Duran may have been the only Rio of my parents’ generation, but not mine. My generation has Rio the movie. Daddy and I went to see this movie and we loved every minute. We didn’t do the 3D version because daddy says he isn’t quite on board with wearing cheap sunglasses (shout out ZZtop) in a movie. Plus, I get tired of wearing them so no reason to see the 3D version.

Anyway, the movie was plenty funny. Daddy and I literally laughed out loud several times – birds dancing and shaking their booty, funny faces, birds bouncing off booties, a bulldog that drools like my papa Kolias’ dog, etc. There weren’t any real scary or loud parts so nothing made me really jump except once when something jumped out I wasn’t expecting. All the colorful animals and colors of the Rio de Janeiro setting really kept me interested so I think it would hold the interest of most kids my age . It did have a little romance, but not quite a chick flick so my rep is intact of being a boy’s boy.

Overall, we gave the movie two thumbs up.


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