How time flies…

So it has been a month since I last posted – too long – apologies. That being said, I will catch you guys up on what has gone on for the past month as quickly as possible so we can get back on track…..

Hip Hop And I Don’t Stop

Easter was so awesome. Obviously, there is a larger importance than egg hunts and candy, but beyond that, it is pretty cool to get an basket full of goodies from the Easter Bunny. You can see in the pics below that the Easter Bunny wrote me a message on our patio when he left me my basket. That afternoon, we went to my Papa Dupree’s house. I got to egg hunt with a few of my cousins and I really cleaned up. Daddy and mommy were really proud of me for not trying to find all the easy eggs – my cousins are younger than me so I had to give them a chance. Anyway, I found plenty of eggs and they all had plenty of candy to eat.

“Parker – This is for you. You are such a good boy. ❤ E.B.”

Ahoy, Matie

Daddy decided to hit the high seas on a cruise without mommy and me. It actually wasn’t all his doing. Papa Kolias actually won a trip through his work and he asked daddy to go with him. Who can blame him for ditching us, right? I would have left mommy and daddy if I was asked. Papa and daddy went to the Bahamas and had a good time. Daddy said he missed me and mommy a lot, but he said he was glad I gave him daddy lion to keep him company. I told him I missed him so bad and I also told him I couldn’t be me without him here. He totally bought it and was like putty in my hand.

Much more happened over the past month, but those were a couple of the highlights. I’ll try to be more current, but I’m almost 6 years old and there is just so much going on for a guy my age.

hip hop the hippie the hippie to the hip hip hop

It’s Easter baby!

The weekend kicked off by us having an Easter egg hunt at school. Us kids had a great time. It was little bit of a break from the norm of learning all the time and gave us an opportunity to eat lots of candy and keep our teachers busy by running it all off so I think they were happy for the end of the day to come.

Saturday was great too, but I did over hear mommy, daddy, and grannie talking about some bunny remains that were found in the backyard. Not sure what that means, but evidently this was the 2nd year in a row that bunny remains were found in our backyard the day before Easter. Not sure if there is some sort of strange voodoo, but it is hard to ignore that the only two times that has happened has been on Easter Eve.

Anyway, the real big day was Easter Sunday. It started off with a little visit from the Easter Bunny and boy did he like me. I got a basket full of toys, books, and candy. A great start to the day.

After that, we went to church at Papa and Grandma Dupree’s church. Once church was over, we were ready to get the show on the road – Easter egg hunt time at papa’s house. While the daddy’s were hiding the eggs, I was scoping out my competition – two of my cousins – Lily and Tyler. They looked like they could be pretty tough, but I was twice as old as Tyler and Lilly hadn’t mastered walking yet so I figured I could hold my own. As you see in the video below, I meant business. I was running to all the eggs like nobody’s business. I own Easter Sunday, baby!!

With all the eggs found, Grannie and I chilled out on the old school tree swing. It was a great way to come down from my sugar high (two major sugar highs in 3 days – I may need to consider getting help).


Here comes Peter Cottontail….

The Easter Bunny stopped by my house this morning when I wasn’t here and left a basket full of toys and candy for me! I was so excited I didn’t wait to take any pictures or anything so you are just going to have to believe me. It was a good day with the fam. We celebrated the commercial version of Easter, but I do know the real meaning of Easter – thank you Jesus! Can I get an Amen?

Anyway, this is kind of a boring post with no pics, but I have too much candy to ignore. Yum!

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