Auld Lang Syne…Happy New Year…2011

So the another year has passed and a new one begun. Where does the time go??

So 2010 had quite a few firsts for me as I learn more about what our world has to offer and also had some great moments for my family and friends. I went on a cruise with the family to Mexico – the first time I’ve ever been out of the country. It was great spending so much time with the family experiencing something new.

My cousins Chrissy/Michael, Erin/Mark, and Bubba had life-changing years, too. Bubba graduated from college and is looking to begin his career in law enforcement. Erin & Mark had a baby girl named Lily and Chrissy & Michael also welcomed a little baby girl named Reese into the world.  These little girls will forever bring them joy and love…until they start dating, then the dads will just get headaches.

Something not so monumental, but a right of passage for a little boy nonetheless, I went to my first baseball game with my daddy and papa Kolias. We also went to Cowboy Stadium which is something ever Cowboy fan should do at some point.

2010 also marked the first time I had any accidents. I bumped my head pretty good on the tile and had a big knot to show for the fall. I also made a trip to the ER on Thanksgiving to get my tongue stitched up. If none of this never happens in 2011, I will be okay with that for sure. I guess whatever doesn’t kill me makes me stronger and keeps daddy & mommy on their toes.

Some of the more developmental milestones were writing my full name (upper case and lower case), counting to 200,  the 4-year old check up and getting 50 thousand shots, and then of course every little cute look or comment that would keep my folks laughing. I keep getting smarter, stronger, and bigger with each day. And my parents are amazed at the little person I am shaping up to be.

In all, 2010 has been my favorite year yet because of my family and friends. I know we will make 2011 even better – that’s my resolution.


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