I’m back….

Sorry I’ve been so absent lately. I’ve been trying to find some solution to this whole BP catastrophe in the Gulf. …hey, if Kevin Costner can have an idea, I can too, right? Anyway, a lot has gone in since I last checked in.

My school has rolled into the summer session so there are far less kids in my class than before so that means that a small group of younger kids were ushered into my class. I know some of them from when I our classes overlapped before so it is kind of cool. Not that I will give them any attention or anything, but at least they know that and I don’t have to explain that to them again. Another thing related to school is that in about a month I will be moving up a class. The teacher of that class is the mommy of one of the honeys in my class. I should be treated so well there – can’t  wait.

Another thing that just happened was DADDY’S DAY. This was a great day. My daddy and papa Kolias went on a tour of Cowboys Stadium. It was so cool walking through the dressing room and the tunnel that the actual players walk through. We also played on the field. My daddy and I raced the whole 100 yards for a touchdown. I also tried to touch goal post, but I wasn’t tall enough. So I got on papa’s shoulders sure that I would be able to touch them then….no such luck. I was still like 2 feet away. I am so going to be taller than my daddy and papa Kolias by the time I’m 10 years old. Anyway, we still had a great time. Some of the pics are below.

The little star


Never too early to study plays

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