It’s a girl – Happy Birthday, Reese!

Today, my cousins Chirssy and Michael welcomed their first baby, Reese, into the world and all of our lives. Congratulations and good luck – I know what a handful I was for two new parents. All I can say is that your life will never be the same, but according to my mommy and daddy, your life will never be better.

You will wonder what you did with all your time and learn to survive on half the sleep you use to get, but also be able to fall asleep at a moment’s peace. You will laugh harder at little looks and sounds and even cry at silly Hallmark card commercials or the thought of her growing up. You will spend hours just watching your baby girl sleep or play. You will beam with pride when she says your name or takes her first step. And nothing will compare to when she greets you when you come home – like she waited all day just to see you, hug you, and play with you – nothing is ever more important than that moment. You’ll be amazed at how quickly she learns and what she repeats – cuss words and scoldings never sounded so cute or innocent. You will also build up a tolerance to all the body’s fluids – and there is a lot.

The list of highlights and changes continues to grow – just ask your parents.

 Reese – 7 lbs 8 oz

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