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Merry Christmas to all…

Christmas 2010 has come and gone and boy was it the best one yet. While I know it is Jesus’ birthday, I still get excited about the Santa aspect….real excited, especially since I was such a good boy and I know he ranks that pretty heavily.

Anyway jolly ol’ Santa was very good to me. He gave me gifts that make me laugh, think, exercise, and stretch my creativity. I couldn’t have asked for more…..actually, I did. I asked for 100 presents. I fell a few short, but looks like I gave it a good try. I’m working on another Christmas montage for 2010, but here is some of the raw footage from Christmas morning.


Today is my mommy’s birthday. She says she is 17….now, I’m not that good at math yet, but something doesn’t add up. When I asked my dad, he wouldn’t confirm or deny. He said some things I will have to learn on my own so not sure what that means.

Anyway, mommy had to work last night so when she came home, daddy and I sang to her and gave her some presents. We also made breakfast for her so today is off to a good start. Now I just need to decide whether to be a good boy or not.



While mommy, daddy, and I were busy Christmas shopping, we decided to take a well deserved and welcome break at Build-A-Bear. I was so blessed to be allowed to get a Rudolph (that’s me sounding extra appreciative so the folks get me more gifts – dance my puppets….dance….)

Anyway, I did the whole rub the heart on my funny bone to make sure he has a sense of humor and laughs, rub it on my head so he is smart, rub it on my heart so he has lots of love, and the spinning in circles and all to create the best Rudolph EVER!!! If you squeeze his ear, he says different hings and his nose turns red. he is so cool – I’ll let him play games with me unlike those other mean reindeers that didn’t and only sucked up to him because he became a stud.

It’s a girl – Happy Birthday, Reese!

Today, my cousins Chirssy and Michael welcomed their first baby, Reese, into the world and all of our lives. Congratulations and good luck – I know what a handful I was for two new parents. All I can say is that your life will never be the same, but according to my mommy and daddy, your life will never be better.

You will wonder what you did with all your time and learn to survive on half the sleep you use to get, but also be able to fall asleep at a moment’s peace. You will laugh harder at little looks and sounds and even cry at silly Hallmark card commercials or the thought of her growing up. You will spend hours just watching your baby girl sleep or play. You will beam with pride when she says your name or takes her first step. And nothing will compare to when she greets you when you come home – like she waited all day just to see you, hug you, and play with you – nothing is ever more important than that moment. You’ll be amazed at how quickly she learns and what she repeats – cuss words and scoldings never sounded so cute or innocent. You will also build up a tolerance to all the body’s fluids – and there is a lot.

The list of highlights and changes continues to grow – just ask your parents.

 Reese – 7 lbs 8 oz

The house that Parker built…

Well, go ahead and home builder to my resume. Yep, I (with the help from my folks) built a sturdy, attractive, custom home like my cousin Michael at Parkview Homes. The only thing is you can’t eat his, but you can eat mine.

This gingerbread house was one of my gifts I got to open from Santa. Now, you’re probably thinking it’s way to early to open gifts from Santa, but you would be wrong. He dropped off an advent calendar and presents at my grannie’s house the other day for her to give to me – I didn’t realize grannie and Santa were so tight – I probably should be extra nice to her. It has little notes to me checking in and seeing if I have been nice or naughty. If I’ve been nice, I get to open a little gift. If I’ve been naughty, I don’t get a gift and I have to figure out how not to get caught. So far, it’s all been nice except for that one time, but I’ve started the appeal process to clear my name.

Anyway, this was the first go at something like this for mommy, daddy, and me. It was harder than any of us thought, but had a lot of fun doing it so we think we will probably make this an annual thing for us to do. Next year, I thinking maybe a two-story home with a media room and pool – I’ll start drafting some ideas.

Casa de gingerbread

I also got this balloon making stuff as a gift on one of my many nice days. Daddy said it was good for huffing – whatever that means – so he didn’t let me do the balloon blowing. I thought it was pretty cool afterward though. This balloon we made look like a heart.

I ❤ you!

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