Everybody’s Heard (Museum)

Since we were expecting a winter storm to roll in on Sunday, me and my folks decided to get out of the house and enjoy the day. We thought we would check out the Heard Natural Science Museum in McKinney, TX. A friend of my daddy’s told him about it the other day (shout out Christie). The whole reason we decided to go was because they had animatronic dinosaurs which is just a fancy way of saying dinosaur robots.

The museum itself isn’t really what I would consider a museum, but I guess I can’t think of anything else to call it really. It’s kind of like a zoo because they have some animals on exhibit, a butterfly garden, and hiking trails on the outside. Inside, they have a bug exhibit and dinosaur bones. Whatever you call it, I think it would probably be more fun in the spring or summer because some of the animals were not on display and the butterflies were not out because of the temperature. Nevertheless, the real reason we went there was to see the dinosaurs and they were pretty cool.

It wasn’t Jurassic Park or anything, but they did look pretty real when they would move and make sounds. I wouldn’t say I was scared of them because I knew they were not real, but I didn’t necessarily want to get too close – especially when they would make their dino sounds. But like I said…I ain’t skeered!

Anyway, my folks and I were glad we went. Not sure we will go back until we are sure everything is out and about because admission for adults is $9 and kids $6. That wouldn’t be a lot if you got everything and the dinosaurs. We will check back though during the holidays because it looks like they would have seasonal events.

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