TGIF my a$$

So I knew this Friday was going to be different from most of the others because one of my favorite teachers was leaving our school – Ms. Stephanie. She is going to be a hair stylist so I wish her all the luck in the world, but I sure am going to miss her. She always gave me what I deserved….special treatment. We would check all the rooms late in the day when all the other kids had to stay in another room. AND before she left she gave me a lot of presents that I totally dig. It is all art stuff and her and I always bonded over art. Anyway, it kind of bums me out, but who knows maybe she can do my hair when I decide not to wear a hat anymore.

Ms. Stephanie's gifts at work...

So that was one thing, but then I had to leave school early because daddy was taking me to the doctor for my 4-year-old check up. I was told the doctor just needed to see how I was growing, count my toes, check my weight, etc. Well, there was little more to it than I was led to believe. I get there and they prick my finger to take some blood which wasn’t a big deal, but my folks still neglected to mention that. Then the doctor checks me out and says I’m perfect – 40.5″ tall, 32.5 lbs, blood pressure 82/48 – it all checked out and he was done. I thought we were out of there and then daddy leans over and gives me a hug and tells me that before we leave I was going to get a “few” shots…..suddenly…..time stood still… body started floating…..articulate arguments against immunization shots were spewing out that Jenny McCarthy would be proud of…..then, I realized that only about half a second had past and all that came out of my mouth was a big gasp.

How many shots???

So two demons disguised as nurses come in and tell me they are going to give me 4 shots in my legs (2 on each leg and they would do them 2 at a time). They made me lay down on the table and I was not digging that because it was freaky so I started crying even though daddy was holding my hands. I started to feel them rub my legs and then….stabbing pain from hit me like no other I can remember so I let out a cry like I never had before. It sucked!! Then I hear the head demon say “next one” and I’m like WTH??? Wasn’t the first two good enough?? Did you miss?? Anyway, when they were done making me a human pin cushion, they left the room pretty quickly and daddy and I were out like a fat kid playing dodgeball.

Daddy said he knew that hurt – gee, what gave him that idea – so he said we could go get a toy. When we got to the toy store, I told him my legs hurt too much to walk so I needed to ride in the cart – I figure that was worth another two toys….and I was right.

I think my folks got off easy...

Anyway, I’m good now, but TGIF my a$$.


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