Rough night

This is a special double post night, but not for the greatest reason. I fell and hit my head tonight on the bathroom tile. I was going to take a shower in mommy and daddy’s shower and I was a little too excited. I went to get my Lightening McQueen towel from my bathroom and tripped over it in mommy and daddy’s bathroom and then….BAM! I’m on the ground with a massive headache and bump on my head. It was just like a Tom & Jerry episode where Tom gets hit on the head and a knot starts to immediately grow (I stole that line from my grannie).

I am feeling okay now and mommy and daddy keep asking me if I’m dizzy or nauseous or how many fingers they have up. So far I am all good. Anyway, check out the pic.


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  1. […] also marked the first time I had any accidents. I bumped my head pretty good on the tile and had a big knot to show for the fall. I also made a trip to the ER on […]

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