Weekend recap

I had a good weekend. Saturday, I went over to my cousin Katelyn’s place because she was having her Sweet 16 birthday party. It was a luau party at the pool with a movie playing in the background – pretty cool. I hope that many girls come to my 16th party – McKinney is where I throw my mack down. Anyway, I got to see some family and stay up late. My folks thought I would fall asleep on the way home or sleep in late Sunday – wrong on both counts. I will get some pics posted when my Nanny sends them to me.

Sunday, my homie Jandro came over. He also brought his parents and little sister who is pretty cute – how you doin’?! They brought a cake for us to celebrate my birthday, Jandro’s, and Alyssa (little sister) – all our birthdays are in August. Tio and Kim also came over. Tio is loco and he is proud of it. We all had a good time. I was pooped after everyone left. All worth it though. Good times.

Oh, and the potty thing is going great. No accidents for me this weekend. I am not sleeping in big boy underwear yet, but I will be next weekend. Keep you posted on that one.


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