You don’t have to paint me a picture (Alan Jackson)….

…but I sure am glad you did.

I have been holding off on showing this for a while. My daddy didn’t want me to throw it up there with my last name visible to everyone in the world – at least not until I’m famous for something good like inventing the next new software to take over the world, or some life-saving cure, or at least being able to average 300 yards passing per football game.

Anyway, here is a painting a friend of my daddy’s painted. Here name is Pam C. She rocks. She knew my room had planes in it so she wanted something that I would like. And do I ever. It hangs right above my bed. She does a lot of work for weddings and homes. If you guys want something custom and nice, you should let me know and I can connect you with Pam C. She is a bit more abstract than traditional. Not quite Picasso out there, but closer to Warhol. But she can pretty much do anything you want and if she thinks it would be a challenge then she would tell you. My daddy says she has no problem being honest.


(BTW this isn’t the best pic my daddy could take b/c it’s a little fuzzy, but you get the idea.)

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