Long time….

Alright, so I have been out of it for a little while. I had an ear infection hit me Friday and was pretty much wiped out all weekend. I am feeling better now (if you don’t believe me, just ask my daddy). Anyway, daddy picked me up this afternoon from school. We went to the store after he picked me up because he said we needed a few things. We must have got the right stuff b/c daddy said that was the best trip to the store ever. It may have been b/c I was such a good boy or b/c I helped him check out. I ran a couple of items that I could hold onto across the scanner when we were doing the self checkout. And then, daddy switched me to the bagger role for some of the bigger items. He would scan and hand the stuff to me and I would put them into the bags he told me to put them in. He said I was a big boy now and could handle a little work. I didn’t mind. It was pretty cool actually. I mean, I’m actually tall enough to put things in the bags.

And one other thing…..just because the box says lasagna or cheddar melt it’s still Hamburger Helper! You’re not fooling anyone, daddy. And for the record, your spaghetti might as well be hamburger helper – it’s meat, sauce, and noodles. I still love it though.


Happy Birthday Shad

Today is my homie Shad’s birthday. He is the big 14. That sure does seem old. That will take me forever to get that old. Happy birthday, Shad!

1,000 and counting

I’m not really sure how much 1,000 is b/c I can’t count that high yet, but it sure does sound like a lot. That is how many hits I have had to my blog. While that may not be a lot to some, my only intention for this blog is touch my family and friends. I hope it has done that and I will continue along the path. Much more to come…..


Skunk Stoppers

I am so proud of Tio…..

2009 review & 2010 resolution

There is a lot to say on this one so it will be long. Let’s see, where to begin….January I started daycare for the first time after spending the first 2 years and 4 months of my life with my mommy during the day. This was a total shock to my world. I knew my folks still loved me, but wasn’t sure why they were leaving me with strangers every day. They kept telling me to play and the teachers were always telling me to play, but my play was at home with my stuff – not with stuff others had in their mouths. It took me a couple of weeks before I came to terms that I was going to school every day, but I didn’t like it. It took probably another 3 months before I started to open up at school. And another 3 months before I started to seem like I wanted to go to school. Now, I’m good with the whole school thing b/c I have some honeys & homies to keep me company.

Somewhere around June or July, I started to really get the hang of the whole potty thing. This was pretty cool b/c that meant I got to move to a higher class. This is where I really started to come out of my shell. Ms. Stephanie and Ms. Jessica were my teachers that really got me enjoying school. It didn’t hurt that they spoiled and bribed me – yeah, I’m easy…what of it?

In August, I turned 3 years old. Mommy and daddy say that time is flying by and that they still remember when all I could say was “dada” and “mama.” I throw one of those out there for them every now and then and we all have a big laugh. I turn 4 this year and will be posting my birthday wish list in plenty of time for you guys to save up and shop for me.

In October, nanny underwent successful triple bypass surgery. It was kind of a scary time for us all, but she is doing well and we are thankful for that.

This past Christmas is really the first time I realized fully what the commercial Christmas was about. It was pretty cool. Daddy and mommy also started telling me what the religious Christmas was all about. I’m still trying to grasp that, but my folks say it is a lifelong journey and that I will continue to learn as I go. Cool.

Overall, it has been a great year and I have lots to be thankful for. My daddy always tells me about a man with no feet – I think that is his long-winded way of saying there are a lot of people that are not as fortunate as we are and to be appreciative of what I have. I am thankful for everyone’s health – nanny’s successful surgery, grannie’s 6 years of cancer-free living, and everyone else. Take care of yourselves so I have more time with you.

This year I resolve to work on my patience and frustration levels which will be a lot easier if everyone would just do what I say when I say to – wish me luck.

I hope you have enjoyed my blog this past year. I sure did enjoy sharing my exploits with you. I’m continually growing and learning more and a lot has to do with my experiences with you guys.

I’m excited to see what 2010 brings for us all so stay tuned to my blog b/c I will share with you what I know.

Love, peace, and soul (shout out Don Cornelius)

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