Dreaming of a white Christmas

One of the cool things about Christmas this year was that there was snow on the ground for the first time since I’ve been alive and I heard it was the first time it snowed on Christmas Eve/Christmas in 80 years. Anyway, Christmas evening pawpaw Dupree and grandma Dupree came over to bring me presents – that makes anyone welcome. They got me a cool castle and helmet to make funny voices with. The real fun though came when pawpaw Dupree and I were outside throwing snowballs. The snow was pretty much all gone, but there was some still left in the shade. My hands were so cold that I had to put gloves on. The only problem was though, I could only find yellow plastic gloves. I told daddy he needed to buy me mittens. Anyway, here you go….(Oh, and BTW this is where I get my height from.)

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