‘Tis the season…

Mommy, daddy, and I went downtown for the Dickens of a Christmas thing. It felt great outside. Not too cold and definitely not hot – perfect sweatshirt weather. Anyway, the whole downtown was decorated for Christmas, a band was playing, lots of greasy junk food, cool toys, and we got to walk in the middle of the streets. Mommy and daddy told me I couldn’t make a habit of walking in the street, but it was okay that night. We didn’t party all night or anything, but we did have a great time chillin’ and people watching. We also saw some reindeer, goats, sheep, and cows. Below you will see I even got into the cage with some of them.

Be very, very quiet...we're hunting goats

My daddy the goat whisperer

BTW I wouldn’t touch any of the animals except one sheep for a brief moment. Are you kidding me – do you know how much grief this kid got for the swine flu????


Gobble, Gobble

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! I hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving. My mommy had to work at the hospital so my daddy and I went over to pawpaw Kolias’ place and ate there. Then we came home and watched the Cowboy game (how ’bout them Cowboys). Grannie came over later and we all made dinner for when mommy came home. And I must say, I can help make some mean mashed potatoes. All was good and we will be eating left overs for days….time to add my holiday weight.

We are planning on going downtown this weekend to see all the Christmas festivities. I will post some pics from there.

BTW here is some of my school art. My folks liken me to Picasso’s early years. What do you think?



Weekend at Tio’s

Me and the fam went to Tio’s country house last weekend and had a blast. Kim and her boys Shad and Tristen were there, too. The video is of us playing. We also jumped on the trampoline, fished, and they rode ATVs while I watched. I didn’t want to ride them this time, but I will next time. It was a pretty chill time and good to get away from everything – you know all the stress of learning at school, making sure I potty when I need to, and of course doing lots of funny and charming things to keep my mommy and daddy laughing.

For all the dog lovers

My grannie sent me this. It is timely with Veterans day and all, but it is also sweet to see how puppies miss their owners and don’t forget them. Watch how fast the tails wag. My cats don’t ever do that when I come home.


Thank you to all the veterans/troops out there. God bless you!


Happy Birthday Pawpaw Kolias

Today is my pawpaw Kolias’ birthday. He was born on 11/8 and I was born on 8/11. That’s wild, huh? Anyway, happy birthday pawpaw Kolias.

Walk Virgilio, Walk

Here is a guy doing a good thing for a great cause/vision. Feel free to donate…I did for my Grannie.

Dearest Amigos:

Yes, I’m doing it again – I signed up for the 2009 Breast Cancer 3-Day!  Since I had such an incredible experience during the 3-Day last year meeting an amazing group of walkers and sharing the ups and downs involved in walking 60 miles, I’m back for more.

I am very excited, even though this time around I really know what I’ve gotten myself into.  Although this event isn’t easy, I promise you, I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t believe 100% that it was worth every muscle ache, weary night, blister and training walk!

No one should have to face breast cancer and so in order to create a future without this disease, I walk in the Breast Cancer 3-Day.  I walk because everyone deserves a lifetime.

My hope this year is to surpass the $2400 that was so generously donated last year.  However, I can’t do this alone and I need help from you – my friends and family.  Please make a donation to support my fundraising efforts.

To make a donation, just follow the link below to visit my personal fundraising webpage.  Then consider making that donation every month for the next four months, using the payment plan option available.


I appreciate your support and will make sure to add your name (and the names of all of my donors) to my T-shirt, so I won’t forget you as I set out on my journey.

Warmest Regards,

Virgilio Perez

Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Trick or Treat

Okay, so I know there were several of you guys wanting to know if I was going to get dressed up and ho trick or treating this year. I guess I can’t blame you for wondering especially after last year – me wanting to be Spiderman and having mommy, grannie, and daddy running all over looking for a costume to wear…..and then not even putting it on. Anyway, its been a year and I have matured so get over it people.

This year, I wanted to dress up like the po-po which I am learning is not the official name for a policeman – thanks, dad, for teaching me slang. I did wear my costume, but didn’t like the hat so I made the outfit my own by wearing my Dallas Cowboys hat. My homie, Jandro, dressed up as Buzz Lightyear. He looked pretty cool, but his wings kept bumping me. So the answer to the question is that I DID GO TRICK OR TREATING AND I LOVED IT!!!

Check me and Jandro out showing off our latest loot from down the street. I’m the one on the right….bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when I come for you????


I want candy.....I want candy....

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