5 Things

One of our first assignments at school was to put 5 items that help identify us as being who we are in a brown lunch bag. My first thought was that I could not possibly be defined by only 5 items that would fit in a lunch bag – I am soooo much more than that, but I played by the rules and complied.

Item 1: Iron Golem action figure from Minecraft – this is my obsession right now. I’m all about Minecraft. My folks thought they would get a few more years out of me before I became fixated on video games, but they need to realize the times they are a changin’ and us kids are growing up faster (and have more expensive taste).

Item 2: Paintbrush because I love to paint and want to be an artist when I get older. I know I need to learn the various techniques out there and find my own personal style, but for now it is a way I can be creative and not feel inhibited.

Item 3: Golf ball because right now this is my favorite sport and one I am pretty good at for just starting out. It’s also great quality time for me and my dad.

Item 4: Picture of me and Phoebe who was the best and sweetest cat ever. She’s in heaven now, but I dream about her from time to time so I know she is trying to say hello to me.

Item 5: Picture of my favorite meal – Campisi’s pizza with double Candian Bacon. To me, there is nothing better.

While I would need a bigger bag to give the full picture of who I am, these should help give a little insight.

The artist formally known as Parker

So I’ve noticed a great number of paint masters have three or more syllables in their name and end with a long “o” sound, e.g., Mi-chel-an-ge-lo, Le-o-nar-do, Pi-cas-so. So with that, please address me as Par-ke-ro.

Sure, that may be a bit pretentious, but when you have a piece of work featured in the prestigious Dallas Museum of Art, then I will call you what you want.

Yep, that’s right – my latest sculpture is currently being featured at the DMA. For this piece I didn’t want to be passe and go the political or religious route – that’s so 2010. No, I chose to be more introspective and create a piece that spoke about a boy’s growing understanding of the power within. I chose to express that in the form of a lion (and not only because that is my favorite stuffed animal). As a matter of fact, I have titled the piece Super Lion. I call it Super Lion because I made the eyes real big so they can see far away – into my soul if you will (said in brute-y tone).

And, I wasn’t done there. Mommy, grannie, daddy, and I decided to paint more masterpieces at the DMA’s weekend family workshop.

Super Lion


me in front of a Mark Rothko

me in front of a Mark Rothko

in the kids center

in the kids center


Some other people’s art 

You don’t have to paint me a picture (Alan Jackson)….

…but I sure am glad you did.

I have been holding off on showing this for a while. My daddy didn’t want me to throw it up there with my last name visible to everyone in the world – at least not until I’m famous for something good like inventing the next new software to take over the world, or some life-saving cure, or at least being able to average 300 yards passing per football game.

Anyway, here is a painting a friend of my daddy’s painted. Here name is Pam C. She rocks. She knew my room had planes in it so she wanted something that I would like. And do I ever. It hangs right above my bed. She does a lot of work for weddings and homes. If you guys want something custom and nice, you should let me know and I can connect you with Pam C. She is a bit more abstract than traditional. Not quite Picasso out there, but closer to Warhol. But she can pretty much do anything you want and if she thinks it would be a challenge then she would tell you. My daddy says she has no problem being honest.


(BTW this isn’t the best pic my daddy could take b/c it’s a little fuzzy, but you get the idea.)

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