Cartoon life

One of my favorite cartoons right now is Caillou. I am just so captivated when he comes on. I will zone out to the point that you can talk to me and I won’t reply b/c it doesn’t register. I think mommy and daddy have figured this out b/c they are pretty eager at times for me to watch him when they are tired. (Disclaimer: My daddy and mommy are making me put this disclaimer in that says I used the previous statement for comedic effect as opposed to it being fact just in case CPS is following my blog. I also have to say that I have wonderful and caring parents.)

Anyway, I told my daddy I like Caillou so my daddy said he would make me into a cartoon like Caillou. He also made some of our other pics for fun. He went to BeFunky to make the pics look like a cartoon. It was pretty easy from what I saw. So easy, we may make a comic strip at some point. No guarantees.

Pako and daddy cartoon


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