Grandparents galore

Over the past week I have been blessing my grandparents with my presence. First, it was bowling with papa Kolias and daddy. I’m almost unstoppable with bumpers and a ramp to guide the ball, but daddy still got the best of us both and was crowned champion. Daddy says that this is his time – young enough to beat the aging papa Kolias and old enough to hold me off for many years to come. Just keep in mind daddy that my time will come and I will have no pity on you.

Then, I spent the whole day with Grannie on 5/24 because school was out and mommy and daddy had to work so she was the lucky one that got to run me around everywhere – and I mean everywhere. First, it was off to a great breakfast at Waffle House – my fav (#FavFlav). After getting fueled up, we went to the library to find knock-knock joke books. She didn’t realize how many books there would be on that subject, nor did my folks – I have been reading knock-knock jokes left and right. After that, we ran up to Pilot Point to go to this zoo where you can also eat dinner with bears. Unfortunately, it is closed during the week so we wasted a trip to Pilot Point for nothing. So pressed to keep me entertained and happy, Grannie took me to Chuck-E-Cheese and I have to say that I never get sick of that place. Yes, it may be germ-infested and full of ill-mannered kids that aren’t high on taking turns, but I get to spend lots of money for tickets to get prizes worth a fraction of the money spent on them.

And then this past weekend, we went out to nanny’s new place at Possum Kingdom. That is about a 3 hour car ride from here to there – fortunately, I had a lot of knock-knock books to help pass the time for mommy and daddy (thanks Grannie). One of the cool things about nanny’s place is that she has like 40 pet deer, or at least deer that hear the can rattle and come running up for a free meal. Nevertheless, I got to feed deer and it was cool. We fed them corn and at one point I tried to throw the corn out real far, but I ended up just hitting a deer in the head. I didn’t mean to, but I did giggle when I heard the thump of corn on his head – I hope that isn’t bad karma – he did continue to eat.

Anyway, it was a good time with the grandparents – next up is papa Dupree this weekend at the family reunion.

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Happy Birthday Nanny

Today is nanny’s birthday. She sure does love me. Happy birthday!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

This past weekend I spent a little time with my Nanny and Iris. They took me to the mall to see a lot of trains. They thought I would want to go sit in Santa’s lap and tell him what I want for Christmas, but they don’t know me that well, do they? I opted against sitting in the old man’s lap. I think I may try to do this with daddy and mommy, but no guarantees there either. Last year they threw me into his lap and jumped out of the way while a photographer snapped a picture. It wasn’t my best moment, nor my mommy and daddy’s best moment. They keep asking, but we’ll see.

Oh, and I almost forgot, I have presents under the tree for me. I asked mommy if I could open them and she said I had to wait for Christmas. I told her it is Christmas – see all the lights. She then said I had to wait for Christmas day. So I thought maybe I could get daddy to to open them. I told him that he could go ahead and open mine last night, that it was okay. He didn’t fall for it. He sniffed that one out right away. I will have to find some other way to open my presents before Christmas day.

I’ll get back to you on that one and the whole Santa thing, too.

It’s not Thanksgiving yet, but…

….I have plenty to be thankful for today.

1) My nanny successfully underwent open heart surgery – triple bypass. Thank you to all the doctors, nurses, and staff at St. Paul Hospital for keeping my nanny safe. It is a long road for recovery, but at least she is here to do it.

2) I am thankful for my health. Daddy was telling me about Kidd’s Kids. They take terminally ill children to Disney Land each year. My daddy was listening to some of the letters from other daddies writing about their children and he told me he had to fight back tears b/c he doesn’t know how parents can go through such a thing. He told me he hopes him and mommy never have to worry about dealing with that situation. He told me they are extremely fortunate and thankful for my health. That makes me thankful, too – one of the many reasons why I am. What’s your reason?


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