At the movies

My Grannie took me to the movies to see Ice Age 3. I was pretty stoked to check out the movie since I thought the performances in 1 and 2 were inspired. I figured there was more to come. And I was right! This installment had humor, action, drama – I laughed, I cried, I asked for more!

Grannie said I was a good boy and I think I was. I whispered during the movie so I wouldn’t disturb anyone and I stayed in my seat the whole time. That may have been because I was busy eating all the candy Grannie had hidden in her purse. After the movie, she took me to the toy store to get some dinosaurs so I could reinact some of the scenes from the movie – I need to work on my voices since all my dinosaurs still sound like me. Anyway, I still have time to work on that one since I am only performing for my daddy and mommy.

All in all, it was just a good day. Thank you Grannie and thank you 20th Century Fox.


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  1. Yes…you were such a GOOD boy!!!!!!! I found my movie-buddy!!!!!

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