I started off my day looking pretty cool with what I was wearing (pictures will be posted later). Grannie then picked me up and took me to my favorite donut shop. I like this particular donut place because it has a train that runs around the place high on the wall. We then went to the Dallas Arboretum. It was pretty cool. I tell you something, I am not sure if it gets any better than starting a day off with donuts and then a day dedicated to taking pictures of me.
I then got to see Pat and mamma Pat when I went to check out Pat’s aquarium. Grannie keeps trying to get my mommy and daddy to get me an aquarium, but not sure they are going for that one. They keep saying they have one for me at Pat’s so I guess that is pretty close to a no. I bet Grannie keeps at it though for me. I think it wold be cool, but I am not going to get stuck cleaning it.

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