Grannies rock…

….at least mine does. This past week I got two spend two whole days with Grannie because she missed me and wanted to spend time with me. The plan was for her to play hookie from work and spoil me for two whole days and give me back to mommy and daddy to deal with me. That is pretty much how it went, but I didn’t spend the night because I would have missed mommy and daddy too much. They really tried to get me to stay with Grannie, but I could tell they were just putting on a brave face because what would they do if I wasn’t there to give them so much to do and wake them up so early?

Anyway, day one grannie and I went to Glenrose, TX  – the Dinosaur capitol of Texas. We went to Fossil Rim where you ride through the park like you were on safari and the animals come right up to the car. Now when they do this they are wanting food so you either need to have some food to give them or you become food – that’s how my 5-year old mind interpreted it anyway. So the whole time I was on alert except one time when I let my guard down and from out of nowhere this stealthy llama popped his head in the car. At this moment, I knew there was only going to be one of us to survive – this was the most basic of all relationships – man vs. beast. My fight or flight instincts kicked in and since I couldn’t reach the gas pedal flight was out of the question so I did what any other manly man would do when faced with the snarling, drooling fangs of a viscous llama would do – I roared – like Simba in The Lion King. Now I thought the roar sounded like when Simba was big, but grannie insists it was more like the whimper he let out when he was a cub – here nor there, bottom line is I am here to tell the story so take from it what you wish.

After surviving the safari we went to the Dinosaur World where we got to see dinosaur bones, fossils, and statues. I even got to go on an excavation where I found real life dinosaur teeth that I got to keep. They don’t look that big so they are probably from some pre-historic rat or something, but I prefer to think they are from a baby T-Rex and the Tooth Fairy dropped them – prove otherwise!

Day two, we went to the Fort Worth Zoo. This was a blast as usual because I got to catch up with all of mommy’s relatives – not sure why daddy and grannie always make me say that and laugh hysterically when I do. It was hot, but grannie and I made sure we drank a lot of water. The only bummer about the zoo is that I always have to pose by this brass elephant every single time I go. It’s one that I have been posing with since I was 2 years old and mommy, daddy, and grannie always talk about how much I’ve grown and then they lament at how I’m getting older – circle of life people (I’m in a Lion King kind of mood I guess).

Dipping dots at the zoo…

How could you not want to spoil me Grannie?

Dinosaur World video

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