Real life Minecraft

This past weekend, I got the chance to experience something totally new and totally cool. I got to basically be in my own personal Minecraft game because I went digging for diamonds! Grannie and I packed our gear and headed out on a road trip to the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro, AR to get us some bling. My plan was to get enough diamonds to make mommy some new earrings, a necklace, and maybe a bracelet. Of course, that was after I cashed out a few diamonds to buy Toys-R-Us and, yes dad, pay for my college.

Well, Toys-R-Us is safe, mommy will have to make due with CZ’s, and don’t cash out the savings account just yet dad because we came up completely diamond free. We did, however, have a great time. It was HOT!! Grannie made me drink so much water I thought I was going to pop, but that was the right thing to do, I know. There was a water park right next to the dig site so we dug until we couldn’t dig anymore and then cooled off by playing in the water.

After leaving the diamond park, we went to another place in Arkansas where we could dig for crystals. This may have actually been cooler than the diamond place because we actually found stuff we were looking for. We found so many I could barely lift the bucket we carried them in so Grannie had to carry it the whole way – she sure is strong for a “mature” lady. We found quartz, smoke quartz, jasper, and lots of red dirt that we have all over the house now. In fact, we found so much quarts we could make mommy earrings and a necklace! I hope she likes the quartz jewelry and doesn’t take it for GRANITE — bazinga — see what I did there — Geology humor

Even though we didn’t find diamonds, we found a lot of riches in the new experiences and quality time with my Grannie. I will remember it for the rest of my life and hope she does too!

I’ve been here….

….where have you been? Okay, okay, perhaps one could point to me as the weak link in this relationship, but let’s not split hairs — bygones. Anyway, since I last checked in I’ve been across the country on Spring Break (to the Grand Canyon and back), advanced to yellow belt in tae kwon do, gotten a puppy, and managed to ride out the school year to on 8 school days left before summer.

I’ll post about all of these over the next week or so, but here are some shots of family road trip to the Grand Canyon — we made a few stops along the way. Daddy kept saying he felt like Clark Griswald, but I have absolutely no clue who that was since that is like a reference from some movie from the 1980’s — and it’s not even available on Netflix.

Completely batty….

The weekend before this past one daddy, Grannie, and I (mommy had to work) took a short road trip to Austin to see 1.5 million bats fly out from the Congress Avenue Bridge. The bats migrate from Mexico every year during the summer months and always make their way to this bridge. They then have babies and fly back to Mexico in the winter months. They fly out each day right at sunset to go looking for food and return at dawn. It really is a pretty cool sight. We watched from the bridge, but you can also watch from a nearby hill or on the river. The whole area was packed with people. We stayed and watched for almost an hour and the bats were still flying out. You could hear their wings flapping and some hitting the bridge – they say don’t try to catch them because they may bite – no problems here because I’m not trying to get rabies.

Anyway, the bats were cool and since we didn’t really have a plan for the trip other than be in Austin by sunset to see the bats, we stopped by Inner Space Caverns in Georgetown on the way there to go spelunking. Daddy and I have gone into other caverns, but this was the first time for Grannie to go into any caverns. She thought it was pretty cool, but was a little concerned about falling on her butt since it was slippery – luckily, she didn’t fall.

In all, I had a great time with daddy and Grannie – we laughed a lot and learned a lot, e.g., Grannie isn’t that good at swimming under water. I also realized those two are nuts so it is up to mommy to be the sane one for me.


So easy a caveman could do it

So it’s been a month since I posted last – way too long if you ask me, but I’ve been busy playing and stuff and I’m four so get over it. I will again promise to be better. This week should be better because I’m on vacation and want to keep you posted on what I’ve got going on this week.

Sunday started the beginning of our road trip through the great state of Texas. First stop for us was Natural Bridge Caverns outside of San Antonio. Now, I’ve never been spelunking before so this was an exciting moment for me. I got to go 180 feet below the surface – below the dirt, worms, trees, and rocks. The tour we went on was about 3/4 of a mile – half down hill which means the other half was uphill. I handled it like a champ – so easy a caveman could do it. Although I must admit that there were areas where it was steep and that had me working my legs out a little. Oh, and it was over 70% humidity in there so I was sweaty, too.

All of the sweat and hard work was well worth it to see a cave for the first time. We got to see stalactites (on the ceiling), stalagmites (on the ground), c0lumns (where the two meet), soda straws, and more cool stuff. We couldn’t touch any of them because of the oil in our skin deteriorates the formations. Of course, when they told me I couldn’t touch them, that’s when I wanted to touch them more – I didn’t though.

All in all, it was a great time exploring. Next stop Shamu and Sea World, then off to NASA, and Galveston for a couple of days.

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