All’s Fair with love and Grannie!

One Dallas tradition that I hadn’t taken part in yet was the annual trek down to the State Fair of Texas….that is until this year when Grannie treated her favorite little boy to the annual event – that’s me!

I wasn’t exactly sure what the Fair was going to be like, but daddy and mommy said it was going to be like Pleasure Pier in Galveston, only bigger. I was pumped and ready to be on my best behavior so I could be spoiled by Grannie – and she didn’t disappoint.

My mission for the Fair was simple – have fun, ride some rides, see some animals, and win enough stuffed animals for mommy, daddy, and me – mission accomplished. I had a blast. I got to see Big Tex which has been around for longer than Grannie has been around. She told me she remembered seeing him as a kid and that daddy saw him when he was a kid. When we got there, we didn’t waste much time getting down to business – we spotted the roller coaster and we were going to ride. Grannie said I didn’t have anything to worry about, but she forgets she’s not 6 anymore and little metal carts  flying around on temporary railing at terminal velocity speeds is a little something to worry about, but by the time I pieced all this together it was too late – I was strapped/trapped in and ready to go. I didn’t scream one bit, but I didn’t like it one bit either. Grannie, on the other hand, loved it and screamed the whole time (wonder where daddy gets it from). Needless to say, I had trust issues the rest of the day – with Grannie and any ride that claimed to be fun. So this left us with plenty of tickets to play games.

We played all kinds of games and for the most part the carnies made sure I would win a little something at least. Of course, all the money we gave them helped. I walked away with a hippo, duck, giraffe, bear, Scooby, balloon, and more and Grannie had to carry them all – even on the roller coaster.

One thing we did while we were there was look at all kinds of animals – they were kinda smelly. And we saw some little piggies race – that was so funny. Our piggy, Forest, came in last even though we were all yelling, “Run, Forest, run!

After the Fair, Grannie and I were so tired, but already talking about next year’s outing to the Fair.

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