The artist formally known as Parker

So I’ve noticed a great number of paint masters have three or more syllables in their name and end with a long “o” sound, e.g., Mi-chel-an-ge-lo, Le-o-nar-do, Pi-cas-so. So with that, please address me as Par-ke-ro.

Sure, that may be a bit pretentious, but when you have a piece of work featured in the prestigious Dallas Museum of Art, then I will call you what you want.

Yep, that’s right – my latest sculpture is currently being featured at the DMA. For this piece I didn’t want to be passe and go the political or religious route – that’s so 2010. No, I chose to be more introspective and create a piece that spoke about a boy’s growing understanding of the power within. I chose to express that in the form of a lion (and not only because that is my favorite stuffed animal). As a matter of fact, I have titled the piece Super Lion. I call it Super Lion because I made the eyes real big so they can see far away – into my soul if you will (said in brute-y tone).

And, I wasn’t done there. Mommy, grannie, daddy, and I decided to paint more masterpieces at the DMA’s weekend family workshop.

Super Lion


me in front of a Mark Rothko

me in front of a Mark Rothko

in the kids center

in the kids center


Some other people’s art 

Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo, Donatello….Parker

No, I ‘m not the newest member of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – I, like these great art masters, have been bitten by the art bug. Grannie, daddy, and I went to the Dallas Museum of Art the other day to expand my knowledge of art and had a chance to participate in one of their children’s art clinics – it was AWESOME!! I had so much fun. This particular clinic (and they change every month) was about still lifes and what was represented by the kinds of food on the table, or the type of flatware or drinkware, etc. We all learned stuff we didn’t know beforehand. Then we got the chance to make our own version of a still life with different craft materials. You can see below what grannie and I made (mine is the pizza). We did such a good job that we were all craving pizza and donuts so we had to grab some pizza on the way home and donuts the next morning. They say art inspires you so if our work isn’t art, then I don’t know what is.

Anyway, we had so much fun that we plan on going back once a month to participate in the clinics to broaden our awareness and appreciation for all mediums. You can check back here for more masterpieces.

DMA collage_gold frame

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