Don’t be a fool, go to school

A lot of people have been asking how my school is going and the short answer is that it is going GREAT! I’m totally into learning and we do a lot of that so I really enjoy the whole experience. I really like writing on the board when they ask me how to write certain letters, count how many pennies are on the board, etc. I have really made a concerted effort to show the teacher what I know – I think she’s impressed, therefore she is.

I also get my name on the board every day, but for us that is a good thing. You only get your name on the board if you behave and do things right – hands to yourself, stand in line, listen, raise your hand, etc. I’ve gotten my name on the board every day, except when the teacher forgot to write it up there. I’m trying to get the record books changed to reflect that because I don’t want my perfect record to be tarnished by the incompetence of someone else.

Nevertheless, I really like my teacher. She is super sweet and not all up in my grill – she knows I need about 10 minutes in the morning to get going before I want people coming up to me. BTW this may seem like a while, but keep in mind when I first started going to this place it took me about an hour, then it went to 3o minutes and now it’s down to 10 minutes so I am evolving.

Having some of my homies I’ve known for a couple of years also makes the whole experience even that much more fun and enjoyable for me. Below is a clip of us in my class and in our after school class.

Oh, BTW picture day is Friday – stay tuned to see whether or not I actually take pics this time around.


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